Friday, 16 January 2015

100 words aboutfreedom


France in tears flowing like the River Seine lost freedom

Realities hit throwing the hardest punch where it hurts in the heart of freedom

Eyes not seeing the atrocities on their way cunningly planned to destroy their freedom

Eiffel Tower standing tall observing from above the carnage bellow stealing the countries freedom

Despair landing with a thud in buildings and roads again denying freedom

Over the time and future wounds will heal buildings be  repaired but no healing for loss of freedom

Mourning replacing laughter freedom gone like a loved one murdered slain in the name of faith. Freedom

This is my contribution to 100 word challenge for grown ups . I have not added any pictures because simple black on white is more respectful.
Please link up to Julia's Placeand read other offerings .

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

100 word challenge 162

I have not taken part in this challenge for a very long time, I am glad to be back to spending time on the PC much easier since I got a lap top.
The challenge is to use the words in bold with an additional 100 words to entertain others

… As I put the decorations away I realised with awful foreboding that great aunt Ethel's present had not been posted .This might not mean much to you the reader but trust me its a biggie you see I had organised as a surprise for dear Aunt to go on a world cruise for 10 weeks, that would give us plenty of time to gut her house and make it warm and comfortable
The cruise ship leaves in18 hours I am ten hours away by car the cruise is 5 hours from Ethel I need to bust a groove sorry will finish this challenge later bye.

The new year has arrived

to Anyone who happens to pass by would like to say a belated happy new year 

At the start of the new year it is traditional to make resolutions to change ,improve or enjoy activities
in the new year .
for me I have not made a resolution as such , well i suppose I have really ok here goes:
i have left and deleted Face book yes its true and to be honest I have not missed it .
I have instead realised how much of my time I wasted on there.
My second change is a follow on from Christmas if you are a close friend you may have noticed the absence of a Christmas card from our home, if not well just goes to prove that on the whole they are a waste of time and money .
Please do not think that I don't appreciate cards trailing on my wall ,I like them but unless they have a news letter in or a personal note then they are no more than a production line of signing,addressing ,stamping and posting in the hope that they will reach their recipient by Christmas eve.
This year I was going to join the millions who partake in this lovely practise I even purchased the stamps ready as well as some lovely dove ards that were supporting my orthopaedic hospital trouble started when i put them somewhere safe .

Anyway I have decided to Blog more, read more books , setting a target of 52 this year  and finally write letters to friends again I am setting a target of 52 letters or emails for those overseas (cost of postage).
So far this year I have had my hair lightened 
 I have also sent my first email , today's task is to make a header with photos and contact details .
so for now I am over and Out next time i contribute to my blog I will be whole year older .

Thursday, 30 October 2014

X Marks the spot

Alphabet Thursday time , there was a time when I wouldnt have missed this Blog for anything but thenI kind of had a blogging melt down.
I was only getting comments on Thursdays and come on please dont call me shallow we all like feed back don't we?

So why does X mark the spot then I hear you ask well its to let you know that I am back into blogging there have been big changes in the last year and blogging is my new haven and escape from family life.
I have even purchased a new laptop to make my blogging happen on the go. I tried on my ipad but never managed to sort it out.
In the future I hope to blog daily with a theme for example Thursdays will forever be Alphabet Thursday well as Long as our dear teacher is well enough to keep going .

Ok this is the best picture to describe X . I have actually had one of these this year on my knee waiting for surgery .
I am now heading over to Miss Jenny with a rosy apple to apologise for missing so many classes . See you there.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

One week on

Hello again well so much for writing daily don't think I can even say much has happened to keep me busy and away from the laptop.

I have made a few decisions though one of them is to join Slimming world again  I have taken out a 12 week membership this time and whilst I am happy to waste money on chocolate I am not happy wasting money in a membership plus the fact of the matter is that if I don't lose weight I cant expect to get help from the medical profession unless i prove i have tried to help myself.

I decided that I would go to a group on a Monday apparently Monday weigh ins show the greatest weight loss and for me I wanted to use Monday weigh in to help me not to treat the weekend as a free for all.

AT my weigh in I am ashamed to say I weighed in at 289Lbs that was clothed at end of day but even so still way to much for my 5ft 11in. My ideal weight would be 182lb that's 107lb off for now I am not looking at the end picture I am looking at the everyday goal of not eating crap.

The crazy thing is I love eating healthy food I am not a huge fan of Chips or crisps , biscuits and cake are good but I don't have them in the house  to be honest I don't have chocolate either but I do go and buy it.
Anyway let me get real  no more kidding myself , when my head is in the right place I actually can succeed .
Yesterday was day 1 a tough day to start as it was my son's birthday and we were going out for dinner.I chose wisely and had a good steak and salad.
cheese , slice of toast apple grapes and a small piece of birthday cake.I also had 3 pints of water two coffees and a couple of cups of tea with no milk..
I purposely did not stand on the scales this morning .
So that's where I am up to .
See you next time .