Saturday 6 August 2016

Update from distracted Blogger

Hi Fellow bloggers .Well once again I feel  like I am at a confessional  Please forgive me its been 4 Months since my last posting.

I need to ask you something  Just wondering if you have found this last 8 months, they just seem to have disappeared  is it  my imagination or is the year flying away.

Anyway let me share some updates 
My family are doing well I'm hopefully expecting another grandchild in the next few months  very exciting .
My son Chris has retrained as an HGV driver and is now a driver working very long days .
And I guess the biggest news is that Harry starts school in September , how can he possibly be old enough already

Anyway want to share my new hobby I have discovered bible journaling.
My version is an Inspire Bible There is something lovely about being led to a verse colouring and praying at the same time

Well that's it for now Hope it wont be so long next time

Saturday 26 March 2016

I'm Back

Hello all Lot's has changed since I last blogged .
The biggest thing is that I have moved house. For the first time in 53 years I am living on my known with the exception of MazieGrace my adorable 6 year old cat that I rescued in November soon after I moved into my lovely flat..
I found a ground floor flat that is adequate in size the only thing I would change is having only one bedroom.
My bedroom is office, craft room , sewing room oh and finally bedroom I'm not complaining though God has richly blessed me with this home I have just the right amount of furniture , some of which I obtained on freegle .A square recliner chair that allows me to sit with my legs up for maximum comfort.Book cases that my daughter was getting rid of , I have many books that needed a good home.A friend found a table that fitted perfectly in my hall. A tall set of six drawers fits with perfection next to the wardrobe.I store all my paper craft stash.My bureau was a bargain from The Relate charity shop where I also picked up a carver chair.A friend sourced me a red table that opened out to seat 6 this same friend gave me a pine bedside table with three drawers, cant forget the amazing fridge freezer I brought second hand for a good price of a local facebook seller.
So as you see I have a wonderfully cosy home .

The six drawer chest  £5

Beaurea and Chair £52 from Relate Charity shop
The Tall chair was £5  makes a wonderful printer store 

Sunday 25 October 2015

W is for Well.......

W is for Well
Ok well this once again feels like a confession I have neglected to blog and I have even neglected to read blogs I allegedly follow.
That is about to change as are many other things in my  life so here goes for a brief catch up on my Wonderful life.
The time has come for me to move again this time I am moving to my very first own place.
It is an apartment in an old converted chapel on chapel street which just happens to be up the road from my church I will share pictues after I move in on November 7th.
It has been very exciting as well as daunting  as I have never lived on my own before.
Pinterest has become my new best friend as I search for ideas to make my apartment my home.
I am describing the task ahead of me as trying to fit a size 9 foot into a size 6 shoe.
I have a a decent sized kitchen  that I am going toaccesorize with red and lime green.
As you can see the Kitchen is excellent for one
The Lounge is also a good size again for one but with a two seeter sofa bed
This Leather recliner chair found on freegle
and an Ikea chair I will have plenty of seating for guests.
I have also purchased a large {maybe to large} mahogany table and six chairs of gumtree.
So as you can see I have been a bit busy with lots to follow.
Well I have to go and do some blog reading and then pack some more boxes.
Please link up with the wonderful woman called Jenny here  I would love some encouragement to keep me blogging

Saturday 23 May 2015

A is for All sorts of everything

Ok here we go round Ten of Alphabet Thursday
Thank you to Jenny Matlock for this inspirational blog.
Please find her posting here
23rd May 2015
Dear Reader  
I have been atrocious at blogging recently and to be honest I am struggling with a theme for this round the problem I have is that I have been asked not to blog about my grandsons well no photographs at least.
So what should I do then?
I want to be followed so I have to be consistent as well as entertaining to you the reader. 
Wow I have just had a thought (rare I know), how about I share with you week by week people or things that are important in my life?
Well I guess I wont know your opinion on this until I actually start posting .
I am having no theme nothing cheesy I promise , ok maybe I cant promise that. I will deliver this and that from my life.
Faith ,Family and Friends.
I hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of my life

Anyway here goes I have an amazing 2 year old grandson called Arthur William .He is a bundle of mischief . He is Adored by All who meet him As I am sure you would if you met him .
He has an older brother who I will introduce at H .
Arthur is tall at 18 months he was predicted to be over 6ft tall no one is surprised by this thou as his father is 6ft 4 and Aunt 6ft 2 in fact no one on this side of the family is less than 5ft 6 1/2
I know this post is short on colour but I don't have any photos to share sorry .
I promise I will do better next week.
Must go want to read as many posts as I can
Have a great week


Tuesday 28 April 2015

Curry Chat and Crisps

I have a friend who I have known for a good few years ,we met when her daughter Olivia joined Rainbows , Rainbows is the youngest section of the girl guiding movement in England 
At the time I was the unit leader
Tiffany and I got on well and she was the lady that I entrusted my daughters wedding dress adjustments to .
We lost touch for a number of years albeit for intermittent Facebook contact  This all changed when Tiffany moved back into her home on the same road that I live on.
Last nights activities came about when I discovered that Tif was a great Curry maker I asked her to teach me I provided the meat and dessert well half the dessert
The following photographs shows our evening .

I arrived to an organised layout of ingredients  looked like the set for a cookery show

Serious stuff first, what I omitted was the mug of tea I had first Honest
Tricky stuff my first instruction was to stir the onions ,wine in hand this was passed
Tiffany then did something totally alien to me She followed a recipe
Next came the careful addition of spices, I was not trusted for this part so I carried on drinking  
Next the greenery wow the fragrance entering my nose was amazing
Oh heck now I had to add the tomatoes whilst stirring and trying to drink my wine that was getting warm and warm Rose is never good
The Chef needed to have a quick look and again the fragrance wafted through the room
The last part was to add the Coriander
Rice Cooked best plates and bowls out
Look at the rich colour (color for my American readers)
Finally on the plate
The Chef and Sous Chef ready to tuck in
Well I would like to say thank you to Tiffany and whilst having lots of fun I have genuinely got the bug for making my own curry My Turn next