Wednesday, 23 October 2013

W is not for .......Edenhouse


Ok here we are at W , we are now entering into the tricky end of the alphabet.
I have chosen this round of Alphabet Thursday to focus on people I know.they are not well known or remotely famous , they are just very special people in the life of me and my family.
Ok so here goes on W
I know two Wendy's one is God mother to my eldest child , the other is a wonderful Christian lady at the Anglican Church in town, if I could be adopted I would choose her to be my mother.
I know a William , he is my daughter in laws uncle  , which is where my grandson got his middle name from.

Well short and sweet this week , I now have to start scratching my head for next week. 
Ok now you have come to the end of my contribution , please pop over to Jenny and see what other people have come up with.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

V is not for......... EdenHouse

Ok this week firstly I have to apologise for last week I did do a contribution but as I had only just moved house my internet was not connected in time for me to link.

This week in my journey around my family and friends I want to share with you about the only V I know.

Mrs Vivian Eccles or Rev Viv Eccles as she is now , has been an important person In the life of my family since April 1985.
I first met Viv and her wonderful husband Rob at St .Bride's church Old Trafford Manchester.

Viv was a midwife in the community as well as a very involved in the church community, these two things often overlapped as they did in my life.
Viv was the first midwife that came to see me after I had my first and second child sadly by the time I had my third one Viv had had to cut back at work and by the time number four arrived she had had to quit due to ME , 
This did not stop Viv being involved in the community of the church ,but was able to do this as her body allowed.
In September 1985 Viv became even more important to our family , I asked her to be number ones Godmother.
This then bloomed into both Rob (number three's God father)  and Viv being asked to be legal guardians to our growing family.
We wanted people who loved God as we did and who knew the children's circle of friends and could keep them in the area they were used to God forbid anything should happen to us.
Thankfully it didn't  (apart from divorce four years ago) but since those early days we have grown very close and they are both family.
In 1991 when number four arrived I don't think we would have survived had Viv not had Hannah over night for us on a regular basis . Hannah was a crying baby who we learned at three months was allergic to breast milk so soya bottles it was.
Viv and Rob kept us sane.
Around late eighties early nineties Viv felt a calling on her life to serve God in a new way , so she became a local ordained minister unpaid but with many rich blessings serving a community that she knew from her midwifery days .

As you can hopefully see Viv is a blessing not just to our family but many others.
Please pop over to see what other contributors have come up with .

Thursday, 10 October 2013

U is not for ...... Eden House

U is for unavailable .
Partly because I do not know anybody whose name begins with U but more importantly because I have just moved house.

Please forgive me for my brief appearance I will return to form next week .

Please take time to visit Jenny I am sure there are lots of brilliant offerings undilituted by moving house.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

T is not for ..........EdenHouse


At last the week I have waited 15 weeks for the letter T. This round of alphabet Thursday is dedicated to people I know  either close in the family or friends.
Well this week I am going to tell you all about me. Now please dont get bored I wont be long I promise.
Hello let me introduce my self to you.
Tracy Ann Cook
Ok I was born on Jan 7th 1963
My name at birth was Tracy Ann Castle
I was fostered until I was 5
I then went to live with my mum , better late than never
In 1974 My Mum and Dad decided to get Married .
I then was told my name was now
Tracy Ann Elsdon
In 1979 my Mum Died I was 16
In 1984 I met and Married Ian Charles Cook
I then got the name I have now .
On May 11th 2011 I was officially divorced
Inbetween marriage and divorce I had 4 fantastic children
I then adopted Adam .
Today My daughter and I are packing our house.
So on Saturday I will have a new fresh start
In amongst all this I became a Christian and it is God who has kept me going strong
Ok well thats it
Oh no nearly forgot I also have 2 fab grandsons.
Right if you would be so kind as to pop over to see Miss Jenny in class I am sure she would appreciate it.
Last week I managed to visit most bloggs in class sadly not all commented back makes me sad  but I know people are busy.
PS my pets are Tilly Tootsie Tibbles and Thumper What animals do you think they are ?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Halloween or not

Ok it is October , this means that the majority of Blogs will be filled with Halloween Ideas.
I struggle with this, as much as I love the Halloween fun  as a christian I struggle with the concept of Halloween .

It seems to me that in America it is all about the costume decorating the home and garden and finally the haul of Candy. The costumes are normally very tame compaed to here in the UK

Her it is older children wearing horrendous costumes scarig  people.
I have no probem with children I know coming to the door for Candy but I draw the line at aolder teenagers doing  the same.
Thankfully this year I will be out of the country for Halloween this year.

Moving Monday TH minus 5 sleeps and counting

Ok this is just a taster of how Hannah and I are living right now. The only room without stacked boxes is the lounge. I said I needed one peaceful place to sit.
It's crazy because I am not the worlds tidiest person ,but this level of chaos is driving me insane .
I know that by Saturday night this house will be empty, really hoping that the new house does not look chaotic.
Prayers really valued that Hannah and I still live each other by the end of the day.