Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kitchen Transformation.

Well I have to say I never expected to get my kitchen cupboards sorted so quickly .
I am very fortunate to have an amazing friend called Charmaine who had me sat on my stool whilst she past me things to sort.
With ALL credit to Hannah who had done it previously and I had messed up gradually .
Well we started with a cup of tea and discussed what we wanted to achieve .

Then it was out with the black rubbish bags and the sorting commenced. Past by dated items were binned , containers recycled and contents green binned.

Oh firstly I put an open lemon in a Pyrex jug filled with boiling water and set for ten minutes. This was followed by a gentle wipe and suddenly the microwave was clean such an easy process so why do I leave for so long?

I am basically showing the before and after photographs I think you are able to get the gist .



So as you can see there has been a major change unfortunate my skills at moving pictures is not good so hey are all a bit jumbled, I am sure you get the gist .

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

W is for ..............

Alphabet Thursday this week is up to W. Wonderful windy windy W.

Whilst in Vann last week Victoria and Victor were warmly welcomed into Wilberforce and Wendy's wonderful wayfarer motor home.
What opulent surroundings windows with wide openings dressed in white nets.
We had wonderful waffles with wild berries and double cream. Washed down with WhiteWine from
Walla Walla Washington.

When Wednesday arrived Wendy wondered if  Wilberforce would wander with her to Waterloo way to visit her wackily weirded widowed Aunt Wilma. Poor Wilberforce really would rather watch white paint dry, but was reluctant to say so.

Wilberforce decided that he would take Wendy to Whitehaven travel agent called wanderlust . It was their wedding anniversary in one week .
Wendy wanted to go to Wales but Wilberforce would prefer Western Samoa in the end they willingly  worked out a weekend trip to Wales followed by a wonderful trip to Western Samoa.
When they returned aunt Wilma had wandered off and got lost , she was walking along the wall outside the old Woolworths store where she used to work.
When returned home by the warden she went to bed with her Wwinnie the Pooh bear and dreamed about chasing white rabbits in wonderland .
Alls well that ends well .

Please pop over to see Jenny at school

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Let Go and let God

Today is a strange day, do you ever have a day when you are not sure what you will have achieved by the end of it?

I knew this morning I was going to see Gemma and Harry  for a bit then home to see a friend. The friend was not able to come as she had heard her niece was dying . How does that compare with what I had on today?
It doesnt at all Gemma is waiting for her new baby to be born. Two people waiting for totaly opposite outcomes.
One will hear that her Niece has died and the other is Gemma bringing a new life into the world.

On a brighter note today is a sunny one and I have been able to hang the washing outside.

A day like today makes it an  even greater reason for me to have a faith. I can do nothing about either of these events all I can do is pray for all involved .And then trust God to do what is best  with purfect timing .
This is a very monochrom page today but thats what kind of day it is for me.
I need to Let Go & Let God

Monday, 22 April 2013

What if ?

I have decided this week to join A new 100 word challenge similar to Saturday Centus .
The prompt is

…the queue was so long…

As usual, just 100 words added to those 5.Plesase pop over and see what others have on offer

Saturday arrived it was cold and sunny at the same time ,it was only five am.with my scarf and hat firmly in place I walked the mile and a half . I could have taken the car but I needed the walk to clear my head. There were so many thoughts going through my mind.
So many what ifs , it's always the same under these circumstances .
It was no good I had to focus on the next few hours . I wondered who else would be there.
I began to wonder if I should have left earlier ,People rushed past me…the queue was so long…

Movie Monday

Well we are at Monday already. Yesterday Hannah and I had another of our film days.
We watched the films below.
The Notebook was wonderful, a love story we poor and rich meet fall in love and eventually find true love.
The lion king was the first of the Disney films that we want to collect nice to be reminded of when the children were younger and would sit and watch it.
Finally a chic flick Bridesmaids. What can I say a bride with a controlling girlfriend and a group of other girls all with different talents to offer great chill film with a number of laughs

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Sunday

A few days ago I commented to a friend that I was amazed at how bare the trees still looked. Not a leaf bud in sight .
It then had me thinking about how clever nature is .
Obviously because we have had such a long winter here in the UK the plants have known not to bud and bloom until the temperatures warmed up.

Having said that it seems as tho nature could not control the birth of spring animals for example there have been many farmers that have had scores of  dead lambs because of the extreme weather.

But today as I am sat in bed and looking out of my window I can see the top of a neighbours tree and it is in bud. The wisteria in my garden is in bud the clematis have buds on them so hopefully soon my garden and the gardens around me will be vibrant with colour including the beautiful light green of the leaves.

It is easy just to watch these things happen and not give. A thought to their creator God.

Well for me it is God I appreciate that for some readers God is not real and I respect you for your belief.. But at this point I have to disagree. The timing of plants is not an accident it is timed to perfection.
I do know that if a magnolia tree comes into bloom and the next day a huge wind comes up and blows of the petals , it seems such a waste but it is not up to me to question it.

I do know that in my garden if implants one vegetables I can help them along with some fertiliser.I also know. Hat there is something called companion planting, this basically God created plants that actually help each other to grow one may keep bugs a way , for example planting marigolds amongst tomatoes prevents green fly ( I hope I have this one right).
In the same way God puts people together as companions not just in the sense of man and wife. I have a number of friends and they have all come into my life at different times for different reasons. Some are only for a short season others are for life.
One such person has just come into my life Charmaine , we had met at a ladies group but nothing more than hello I then messages her on Facebook and this last week I have spent a lot of time with her . Like my relationship with God We need to spend time getting to know each other.
Well but of a hotchpotch this week .

Genesis 2:8-9 (NIV)
 [9] The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Surprise surprise

 Dear John,
I found myself at a loose end one afternoon so I  decided to look up some old acquaintances . Imagine my  intrigue  when surfing whilst staying in my holiday home, I came across you .
Have to say you've  not changed in fifteen years , well apart from the grey that gets us all at our age.
I was so surprised to see that you had children you always said that you never wanted children.
I have one a boy the double of his father he is fifteen.
I finally decided to look for a soulmate hence on here , does your wife know?  

This is my contribution to Saturday Centus this week.
The challenge is to write a letter starting with "Dear John."
Please pop over to see Jenny at her place . Have a great week

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Alphabet Thursday ............v

Alphabet Thursday this week has caused me a very big headache, so I have decided to tell you about some friends of mine and their vacation plans.
Please pop over and see Jenny's class.

Victoria plum was going on vacation to Vancouver. The Venerable Victor Vanderbilt from Venezuela was also vacationing with Victoria.
Vaccinations were very much needed for Victoria and Victor something that very much scared them.
Victor was meeting in the vestry when the vet arrived to see Val the the welsh collie from Valley. Val also needed vaccinations but did not seem very bothered.
Victoria was concerned that leaving whilst the Vespertiliones were still in the belfry was not very sensible, so decided to postpone her vacation until the Vespertiliones had vacated the belfry .
Meanwhile Victor who was a veteran decided that the vestibule needed vacuuming imagine his surprise when Vespertiliones where flying around.
He called Victoria and said lets go on holiday now , but lets go to Vann, Viborg and Vatican City we won't need vaccinations and can leave very quickly .Lets celebrate with a Vindaloo ?
Ok off to pop over and see what others have created .

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Trials of the world

I have spent the day thinking about what I actually want to write today, after yesterday's bombings in Boston and naturally the outpouring of prayer, love and support to this part of America is amazing.
My thinking was challenged this morning whilst listening to UCB a Christian radio station, I was reminded of the murders happening in Syria according to CNN in February the total was 70,000.
I appreciate that today the world is grieving over events in Boston there are scars that will not heal memories that may face in time but right now they need our prayers and love.

Whilst on the topic of prayer , for those who pray, could I please ask you to pray for South Africa , this is a country that we do not hear about what's going on very much. . We do not hear that one person dies every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year someone , mor often than not someone who is white is murdered.
Every day a women is raped .
This is a side of SA that we do not see. There is great fear that once Nelson Mandella dies there will be major problems..
Innocent people are being murdered what can be done?
For me it has to be prayer

Monday, 15 April 2013

Where for art thou .........

Ok it is Monday 15th April and spring is not here . We have had Easter with snow..... What's that all about?
Don't get me wrong I know that God is control of the weather and we can't just turn a dial that gives us spring, but I would really like to see some leaves on the trees, some buds bursting into flowers.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Sunday

Well another week is over . Today I went for lunch with a brilliant friend Nick. We went to a wonderful local organic farm. Fordhall Farm. We had a gorgeous roast lunch , as you can see from the photo there were so many vegetables.
When I spoke to the chef he said there were 11 different veg.
I chose roast pork . Crackling was served in a Ramekin of apple sauce .
The only downside for me was that the meal had gravy on it , when I spoke to chef he said good comment.
I then came home and shortly Sian and girls and Hannah arrived home. After watching a film we decided that today was a perfect day for afternoon tea .
All in all a great day I love friends .

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday Centus ouch

Hi all I missed out on last weeks Centus as I really could think of nothing to come up with.

Number of words:  106 total (including the six words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any

The regular restrictions apply: PG, no splitting of the prompt, play nicely and visit the other entries, any style or genre of writing you prefer. Please display my link button or just a hyper-link back to Saturday Centus. Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog.

What a way to spend a Friday afternoon sitting in a waiting room full of people feeling apprehensive like me.
How did I know they were feeling that way?
Because this waiting room was at the day surgery unit in Oswestry, we were all there for some sort of medical procedure that needed an operating theatre.
Some people were hungry as having a general anaesthetic others, like me were there for I small procedure.
All it was was to have some pain relief had to go through rigmarole of being prepped for theatre
My turn came , lying on my side I was told "this will pinch a little" she lied.

This is a true story about the way I spent Friday afternoon. thank you who ever discovered steroids helped pain.

Just off to see what other people have come up with Jenny

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Weight Watcher Wednesday

Just a simple posting I have lost 4 1/2 lb. I am focused I am weighing I am measuring and I am recording my baddies but as I am recording them they are not baddies as within my point allowance.

My best meal has been wraps and life saver fruit
Oh and agarve syrup is zero points

Unique Thumper

Well it is that time of the week again Alphabet Thursday. This week I am tackling the letter U.
Following on from last weeks comments I have decided to dedicate this whole week to Thumper. Yes I know Thumper begins with T but he is Unique.
How many Rabbits do you know that can sit at the table for their supper?
How many Rabbits do you know that can get a tissue when they have a runny nose?
How many of you have your very own living environmental shredder ? Hannah has.
Do you know a rabbit that wears socks? I do
Have you got a rabbit that snuggles a dog?Hannah has
Thumper has a mini wardrobe
He likes roses - the chocolate variety
He picks flower - to eat
He reads the paper and watches the news
He gets into the Christmas spirit
As you can see Thumper is a very Unique rabbit and just incase you think he is overly pampered he does have a run and has been known to go in it albeit rarely.
I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of life with a very unique rabbit.

Please pop over to see Jenny and see what other people have come up with .
Sorry some of the photos are a bit pixilated .

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Life round here has been quite busy since Easter . All good though .
I am currently in Leeds at daughters . Last night The girls and I went to see
Save the last dance in Leeds. It was lovely we had front row seats  and I certainly enjoyed joining in some o the songs.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

T is for ...... from edenhouse

I have to say the best blogging day for me is Wednesday as I sit and plan what I want to do for Alphabet Thursday.
If you would like to see what other people have contributed please pop over to see Jenny in class
Have a great week
Telling the Truth is so important to me I hope it is for you .

As I said above this is an important part of my week a time to meet new people and travel a few steps in your shoes

My next T is Thumper Hannah's house rabbit.
I could have filled the whole day with him but have chosen this Easter basket picture I set up a couple of years ago.
He is a real charachter and great fun

If you link up to this Tracy you will find out where I am at wont bore you here .

Ok well thats it for me all tuckered out now please pop over and see other peoples thoughts on T

Weight Watchers Wednesday

OK Things are changing round here .
I am abandoning my Fillin Fridays  and moving to weight Watcher Wednesday.
Now the change of days is not going to magically make me loose weight, but instead my attitude change should help.

Now please don't get me wrong I really can not abide the weight watcher organisation , but they do get results .

I used to love watching Bruce Forsyth on a program called Play your cards right , his catch phrase was " what do points make?" to which the reply was Prizes .
well for me this is my reason for joining weight Watchers my new saying is going to be "points mean pounds"
I am not subscribing to buying the Weight watchers brand , with the one exception of the magazine for ideas, my reason behind this is that it has been shown for equal or less money I can buy generic store brand and get equal or less points for less money.
I am not subscribing to the Low fat food always either as it has been shown that they are not as good as expected . Instead I am going to weigh and point ALL that goes in my mouth.
My weight fully clothed today was 285lbs  my first goal is to loose 14lb that is 5% .
Now as well as being part of the class and making friends there, I would truly value your tips and support. If you have come here for the first time please leave a comment .
Now as you can see I have put two no holds bar photographs. I am not proud to be fat , but guess what ? I am .
I have many discussions with people who are slimmer than me and do not understand my lack of control. To me it is the same as an alcholic  or a smoker it is a vice , it is as bad for me as either of the recognised vices mentioned. Except there is no magic patch or AA equivalent. That's why I have to go to WW . I am planning to photograph myself a month today wearing the same clothes.
I plan to weigh in each week wearing the same clothes. I am not going to use clothing as a way to lie about my weight. The only one this affects is me. WW will quite happily take my money for years .
At some stage I will take my measurements
Ok thats it for now I hope you can share this journey with me .