Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Curry Chat and Crisps

I have a friend who I have known for a good few years ,we met when her daughter Olivia joined Rainbows , Rainbows is the youngest section of the girl guiding movement in England 
At the time I was the unit leader
Tiffany and I got on well and she was the lady that I entrusted my daughters wedding dress adjustments to .
We lost touch for a number of years albeit for intermittent Facebook contact  This all changed when Tiffany moved back into her home on the same road that I live on.
Last nights activities came about when I discovered that Tif was a great Curry maker I asked her to teach me I provided the meat and dessert well half the dessert
The following photographs shows our evening .

I arrived to an organised layout of ingredients  looked like the set for a cookery show

Serious stuff first, what I omitted was the mug of tea I had first Honest
Tricky stuff my first instruction was to stir the onions ,wine in hand this was passed
Tiffany then did something totally alien to me She followed a recipe
Next came the careful addition of spices, I was not trusted for this part so I carried on drinking  
Next the greenery wow the fragrance entering my nose was amazing
Oh heck now I had to add the tomatoes whilst stirring and trying to drink my wine that was getting warm and warm Rose is never good
The Chef needed to have a quick look and again the fragrance wafted through the room
The last part was to add the Coriander
Rice Cooked best plates and bowls out
Look at the rich colour (color for my American readers)
Finally on the plate
The Chef and Sous Chef ready to tuck in
Well I would like to say thank you to Tiffany and whilst having lots of fun I have genuinely got the bug for making my own curry My Turn next

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Alphabet Thursday V ....... Very Much Improved

Last week you lovely followers got the brunt of my frustrations I am sorry but I was feeling useless.
This week I am somewhat improved
So V is for that wonderful word VERY

My bedroom is Very Much tidier....... no photo

I have had a raised planter made  and over the last two days I have improved my pots and planted plants the first time I have gardened in three years It made me feel fabulous

Thank you for reading I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment and then pop over to see Miss Jenny here

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Alphabet Thursday U is for.......

U is for useless

well that's how I feel as a blogger
well that's how I feel as a mother
well that's how I feel about being unable to work
well that's how I feel for living on benefits
well that's how I feel about living on pain medication
well that's how I feel about the highlight of my night being awake

thank you for reading and once again I will try and blog in a more positive note
please link to Jenny