Saturday, 23 May 2015

A is for All sorts of everything

Ok here we go round Ten of Alphabet Thursday
Thank you to Jenny Matlock for this inspirational blog.
Please find her posting here
23rd May 2015
Dear Reader  
I have been atrocious at blogging recently and to be honest I am struggling with a theme for this round the problem I have is that I have been asked not to blog about my grandsons well no photographs at least.
So what should I do then?
I want to be followed so I have to be consistent as well as entertaining to you the reader. 
Wow I have just had a thought (rare I know), how about I share with you week by week people or things that are important in my life?
Well I guess I wont know your opinion on this until I actually start posting .
I am having no theme nothing cheesy I promise , ok maybe I cant promise that. I will deliver this and that from my life.
Faith ,Family and Friends.
I hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of my life

Anyway here goes I have an amazing 2 year old grandson called Arthur William .He is a bundle of mischief . He is Adored by All who meet him As I am sure you would if you met him .
He has an older brother who I will introduce at H .
Arthur is tall at 18 months he was predicted to be over 6ft tall no one is surprised by this thou as his father is 6ft 4 and Aunt 6ft 2 in fact no one on this side of the family is less than 5ft 6 1/2
I know this post is short on colour but I don't have any photos to share sorry .
I promise I will do better next week.
Must go want to read as many posts as I can
Have a great week