Sunday, 25 October 2015

W is for Well.......

W is for Well
Ok well this once again feels like a confession I have neglected to blog and I have even neglected to read blogs I allegedly follow.
That is about to change as are many other things in my  life so here goes for a brief catch up on my Wonderful life.
The time has come for me to move again this time I am moving to my very first own place.
It is an apartment in an old converted chapel on chapel street which just happens to be up the road from my church I will share pictues after I move in on November 7th.
It has been very exciting as well as daunting  as I have never lived on my own before.
Pinterest has become my new best friend as I search for ideas to make my apartment my home.
I am describing the task ahead of me as trying to fit a size 9 foot into a size 6 shoe.
I have a a decent sized kitchen  that I am going toaccesorize with red and lime green.
As you can see the Kitchen is excellent for one
The Lounge is also a good size again for one but with a two seeter sofa bed
This Leather recliner chair found on freegle
and an Ikea chair I will have plenty of seating for guests.
I have also purchased a large {maybe to large} mahogany table and six chairs of gumtree.
So as you can see I have been a bit busy with lots to follow.
Well I have to go and do some blog reading and then pack some more boxes.
Please link up with the wonderful woman called Jenny here  I would love some encouragement to keep me blogging