Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fis not for Edenhouse

Wow week six of this round of alphabet Thursday . Now regular followers will know that I am doing names for this round . I have had to work my little brain hard as we do not have any Fred's or Freda's

Then I remembered Fiona . Fiona has been part of our extended family since before she was born. Fiona is one of Elizabeth's (last week) closest friends.
I had the Pleasure of attending her wedding .

Well that is about it for F oh except Hannah whose middle name is Frances , oh and I have a friend called Frances .
Of course I do have lots of


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Friday, 21 June 2013

Fabulous Fun Friday

What a start to the longest day of the year.
Text followed by call from Hannah asking if I would like to go to Bridgmere for coffee , yes was the answer , had to rearrange an appointment but that was ok.

Hannah is a nanny to twin boys and we were basically going to let them play. we had a great time .

Then a friend came round to do my garden  and mowed his way through the jungle I call a lawn.

And then a lovely lady called Sam came to see me about doing some cleaning for me.
Hannah is a star at doing things round the house , but now as the house is about to go on the market I would like things like the paintwork to look good. I know that its that sort of detail that can impress a potential buyer.

I am also in the process of compiling a scrap book with weight watcher recipes in. Really pleased that this last week I lost 3lb Hurrah .Only 85 to go

Thursday, 20 June 2013

E is for .......not just Edenhouse

Wow we are at E already in alphabet Thursday and I could not pass the opportunity to share with you my second daughter. Elizabeth Victoria Marie entered the world on 24th December 1986 weighing in at 10lb 15oz.

Elizabeth is an amazing Daugher but she was an even more amazing granddaughter .

As far as we knew she had not been named after anybody but it seems that some of her names are in the history of my family.
Before Liz was born we had selected Pottential God parents for her one of them is called Elizabeth and also was born on the same date.
Elizabeth is an amazing daughter sister aunt and friend but her most important role todate is that of wife. Liz married James in 2012 .
And finally Elizabeth is a paediatric nurse 

I know people with the following E names.
Ella -friends dog
Emma - Godmother to my youngest grandson
Eileen - wonderful neighbour as caring as a mother.

Well I guess that is all my E names .
Oh whoops I have forgotten my house name . Eden House was chosen by a very good friend of mine. He came up with Eden as it had a bran new garden and my family were the first to live in it.So Edenh Ouse seemed appropriate and I use it for loads of things .

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Turn Around Tuesday

Ok todays blog title  has been taken from Mike Rimmer from UCB UK program today.
The show was amazing full of peoples desperate prayer needs.
I decided to call in , I needed prayer , its all very well praying for others and assuming that other peoples prayer needs were greater than mine, but actually they are equally important.
Todays show has had many different needs on and I had sat here listening and realised that I too needed prayer .
I was prayed for and I know that God is control of the various situations that I am in.
I also know that what is small fish to me is huge to others .

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Fathers Day

Last week I sent a suggestion into Jenny for this weeks Centus, never once thinking she would run with it , and run she did .
I love the idea of using what you called your Dad, after all we all have our own unique to us our name for Dad and also Grandads. 
My children used to call my Grandad Beauty Grandad,also it was not just my children that called him Beauty Grandad .He was given that tag by so many children as a mark of respect to what a great Grandad he was. He was referred to in text messages as BG 

Any way today I have the challenge of describing my father using upto one hundred words . I had originally suggested only the original sixteen  which is how many I have used in Mine .

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Never ending 

Well that was my dad that was , an absent father to me  for my early years but an amazing Grandfather.
S to you Dad where  ever you may be .

HAPPY FATHERS DAY  miss you xxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

D is for.... Edenhouse

 Well I am delighted to share the letter D this week. Now sadly most of my D names I do not have photographs for sorry .

The first D is for David  now I know many David's .
Two are neighbours David Cadwell is my next door neighbour his eldest son is Ben Christophers best mate.
Then there is David Evans my opposit neighbour, he came to my rescue when the tilet was flooding. He is married to Diane ( another D) and is a fab cook, love invites there to eat.
Next comes my nieces step Dad David he was a worl colleague of my ex.
Then there is David Stubbs great frineds from Manchester now in Lincoln also married to a Diane and Godfather to my youngest daughter, his wife Diane is Second daughters Godmother.
As you can see I know a couple of Dianes , there is another Diane in Manchester sadly not seen her for years we became very close when her husband suddenly died way to young.

What I notice about these two D names they are not names so common today. I do not know any children with these names. The yougest David I know is my friend Stephs husband who is mid 30's
having said that if I knew more welsh people I might know a few more David's.

It would very remiss of me to forget Deborah . I know a few. Two in particular who are both prison officers and also great friends.
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 Meaning of David
 From the Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dawid), which was probably derived from Hebrew דוד (dwd) meaning "beloved". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel, ruling in the 10th century BC. Several stories about him are told in the Old Testament, including his defeat of Goliath, a giant Philistine. According to the New Testament, Jesus was descended from him.
This name has been used in Britain since the Middle Ages. It has been especially popular in Wales, where it is used in honour of the 5th-century patron saint of Wales (also called Dewi), as well as in Scotland, where it was borne by two kings. Famous bearers include empiricist philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) and explorer David Livingstone (1813-1873). This is also the name of the hero of Charles Dickens' semi-autobiographical novel 'David Copperfield' (1850).
Meaning of Diane
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: French, English
PRONOUNCED: dee-AHN (French), die-AN (English) [key]
Meaning & History
French form of DIANA, also regularly used in the English-speaking world.
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

100 Books

Ok I am a reader , well sometimes I am a reader other times I am a scanner.
WhenI was about 7 my mother realised that I could not read.
I had developed a brilliant skill of being able to tell a very plausable story just by looking at pictures. Even now I love saturday Centus sometimes there is just a picture clue and I have 100 words to make a story.
Any way getting back to my literary skills. Any way one day not sure when or how but my mother discovered the awful truth that her daughter could not read.

So at this table in the dining room of 120 Gaywood Road Kings Lynn Norfolk England I began the journey that taught me to read, and for that I am now very grateful.This table is now in the house of my eldest daughter Rebecca. I am quite sure if it could talk there would be a whole load of stories it could tell but thats another post maybe.

Like most children of the 60s/70s we were taught to read using Janet and John books. This one on the top I actually remember reading .
The time that my mum spent teaching me to read was not wasted because now I have a huge love of books
Once I had mastered reading I soon worked my way through book after book . And eventually after reading all that Janet and John had to offer me I moved on to dear Old Enid Blyton.

I was not very interested in the wishing tree and Noddy books but loved Famous five and Malory towers books

These were followed by  Twins at St Clare's books.

Another set of adventures at boarding school.

I used to love going to stay in Sharpthorn Sussex during the holidays  firstly it was a huge adventure and  then more importantly because my aunt Jean used to give me money to go to the post office in the village and buy a book . Sadly I dont have these books anymore. I do how ever have my Hamlyn all colour bible

This is no tmy actual copy , mine is very precious to me for a number of reasons . The first one is because it has my Mothers handwriting in and next because that is where I first leant about God and Jesus .
So as you can see I have a love of books. The reason I have started this post is because I am moving soon and I have decided to try and reduce my books to one hundred.
To some that may seem easy to others impossible.
Now I have over thats four years reduced my library by hundreds .
Now comes the crunch How do I decide what books to keep what to loose .I have already done this excersise a number of times on each bookshelf  but each time a few more books leave my home.

If any body has any ideas on this please help me because it is so hardwood when you love books.

A million angels

Wow its here Saturday centus , it seems like yesterday I did last weeks one , well actually it was only a couple of days ago.
Number of words: 106 total (including the six words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any
Boys it’s ok you don’t need to cry it will be fine.
“I’ll tell you what my Grandma taught me to do when I was sad or worried?”
“First of all you need to   carefully pick all the dandelion heads in the garden but make sure that the angels don’t fall off. I replied “
A while later the boys returned with my trug full of dandelion heads .
Right boys now choose the best looking head of angels .
Now imagine that each of these is an angel, as I blow
"I release all fears and doubts straight to God".I said.
"I will now put these angels somewhere safe "

Have a great week I hope the season is kind to you wherever you are
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Friday, 7 June 2013

Junes are Busting out all over

Saturday Centus here, yes I know its friday , no have not been busy Yes have been lazy sidetracked what ever just be thankful I am here ( or not) .
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Oh yes the compulsory words are in Green

Junes are Busting out all over
It had been a fabulous day the sun had shone all day various people were doing an impression of a burnt lobster, yes they were that red ,at one point the BBQ would not light and it had been suggested the steaks could be cooked on one certain lady who happened to be called June.
Friends gathered to celebrate the life of another June who died on June 1st quite appropriate really as all gathered were called , yes you guessed it June.
We just all met up over the years and decided years ago to gather together on June 21st Mid summers day .
                                       "If a June night could talk..."

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

C is for....... Edenhouse

Well it's Alphabet Thursday again, even tho its Wednesday !!!!
I have decided to have a theme for this 7th round of Alphabet Thursday, created by our wonderful Jenny. Please take a few moments to pop by and say hello to her.

Ok here goes, oh I forgot to say my theme is names they will either be family or friends names. 
This week I am  introducing you to Christopher Daniel Robert Cook.
He entered the world at 8pm on Friday 28th October 1988. Weighing in at 10lb 4oz .Chris is my third child and first son.
He was given the name Christopher as his father and I had written to each other suggesting the name Christopher, it was saved from my first pregnancy.
Daniel is the name of his paternal grandfather who sadly has died now.
Robert is interesting it is not on his maternal grandfathers name but also my brother and grandfathers name plus some generations before.

When Chris was born it was realised very soon that he was an asthma sufferer , the best
piece of advice I was given was not to wrap Him in cotton wool so we didn't and I am so pleased I didn't he is now an amazing 6ft4 gentle giant and married to Gemma , they have two sons Harry 17 months and Arthur 1 month.
Life with Christopher has always been an adventure, he was a sporty young boy football,basketball,swimming  and rugby being his favourite of late .He is an avid Manchester United fan.
But now his life centres aroound his wonderful wife Gemma and their two sons mentioned above.

My Next C is Carl Taylor he is my wonderful son in law married to Becky. They met whilst we were on a family holiday to France , it turned out that they lived in Staffordshire and Becky and Carl were the same age. Small world.

Then there is Charmaine a new friend but a brilliant friend.
Caroline a friend since 1985 , she lives in Manchester.
Charlotte a friends daughter who lives in Australia.
Colin is married to charlottes cousin Jo 
Then there is Charlie well Charlotte who now lives in Dubai.
Then their is Chris or Christine my Godmothers daughter.
Cerys is one of my best, friends mums 
As you can see I know a number of C people . All different  characters but all have the first initial C.

So once again can I please ask you to pop over to see what is happening with Jenny at alphabet Thursday .
In advance want to say thank you for popping by and see you next week. 
This is the only picture this week but it is of my bestest ever friend Carolyn walking her daughter down the aisle.