Wednesday, 5 June 2013

C is for....... Edenhouse

Well it's Alphabet Thursday again, even tho its Wednesday !!!!
I have decided to have a theme for this 7th round of Alphabet Thursday, created by our wonderful Jenny. Please take a few moments to pop by and say hello to her.

Ok here goes, oh I forgot to say my theme is names they will either be family or friends names. 
This week I am  introducing you to Christopher Daniel Robert Cook.
He entered the world at 8pm on Friday 28th October 1988. Weighing in at 10lb 4oz .Chris is my third child and first son.
He was given the name Christopher as his father and I had written to each other suggesting the name Christopher, it was saved from my first pregnancy.
Daniel is the name of his paternal grandfather who sadly has died now.
Robert is interesting it is not on his maternal grandfathers name but also my brother and grandfathers name plus some generations before.

When Chris was born it was realised very soon that he was an asthma sufferer , the best
piece of advice I was given was not to wrap Him in cotton wool so we didn't and I am so pleased I didn't he is now an amazing 6ft4 gentle giant and married to Gemma , they have two sons Harry 17 months and Arthur 1 month.
Life with Christopher has always been an adventure, he was a sporty young boy football,basketball,swimming  and rugby being his favourite of late .He is an avid Manchester United fan.
But now his life centres aroound his wonderful wife Gemma and their two sons mentioned above.

My Next C is Carl Taylor he is my wonderful son in law married to Becky. They met whilst we were on a family holiday to France , it turned out that they lived in Staffordshire and Becky and Carl were the same age. Small world.

Then there is Charmaine a new friend but a brilliant friend.
Caroline a friend since 1985 , she lives in Manchester.
Charlotte a friends daughter who lives in Australia.
Colin is married to charlottes cousin Jo 
Then there is Charlie well Charlotte who now lives in Dubai.
Then their is Chris or Christine my Godmothers daughter.
Cerys is one of my best, friends mums 
As you can see I know a number of C people . All different  characters but all have the first initial C.

So once again can I please ask you to pop over to see what is happening with Jenny at alphabet Thursday .
In advance want to say thank you for popping by and see you next week. 
This is the only picture this week but it is of my bestest ever friend Carolyn walking her daughter down the aisle.


EG CameraGirl

So many C family members and friends! How proud you sound of your 6-foot-4-inch son!


Yes lots of C's. I love that you still used the first pregnancy boy name. We didn't do that either time.

Rocky Mountain Woman

what a pretty bride! mom looks wonderful also!

Betty Luckhurst

You have a lovely bunch of C's!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Your Christopher was a big baby! No wonder he's a tall one now! My son is a Christopher too -- his middle name.
Love that wedding picture!

Karen S.

A lovely bride she is too. A very fun C post!


Lots of great Cs in your life!

My three sons were asthmatic, too. Thankfully, all but one of them grew out of it.


Pam Beers.

What a beautiful bride! You have a wonderful family of "C"s.


Carolyn's daughter makes a beautiful bride.. I bet she captivated everyone as she walked down the aisle!

Christopher sounds like a charming young man...

"Names" are such a clever theme, I know I commented about this before but... It is really cool meeting some of your family and friends each week!

Thanks for linking.


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