Friday, 7 June 2013

Junes are Busting out all over

Saturday Centus here, yes I know its friday , no have not been busy Yes have been lazy sidetracked what ever just be thankful I am here ( or not) .
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Junes are Busting out all over
It had been a fabulous day the sun had shone all day various people were doing an impression of a burnt lobster, yes they were that red ,at one point the BBQ would not light and it had been suggested the steaks could be cooked on one certain lady who happened to be called June.
Friends gathered to celebrate the life of another June who died on June 1st quite appropriate really as all gathered were called , yes you guessed it June.
We just all met up over the years and decided years ago to gather together on June 21st Mid summers day .
                                       "If a June night could talk..."



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