Thursday, 22 August 2013

N is not for......... Edenhouse

Could somebody please tell me where the summer has gone, not because we have experienced awful weather, totally the opposite in fact.No I mean how can it be nearly September ?
We are over half way through this round of Alphabet Thursday already , scary soon we will be discussing the C event well I know for my American family and freinds Halloween and Thanksgiving are major events first for you.
Any way back to today and the task in hand, the letter N now if you have read my blog before you will know that this round I am focusing on people. This week has me stumped I know no Nigels  or Neils or Noras or Natalies but I do know a Nathaniel he his the fourth son of friends of mine at 22 he is not a child by any means .
The only other N that comes to mind was my ex Mother in Law and wonderful Nanny to my children .Sadly she died 3 years ago .

Well thats me short and hopefully sweet post today.
It just leaves me to say "pop over to see Jenny " I am shure there are many more posts full of many different subjects . See you next week .

Friday, 16 August 2013

Blank Page

Blank Page

Dear Reader,
thank you for visiting. I hope that my blog does not look like a blank page.
I love blogging, I long to have a whole new circle of friends through blogging .
We are a group of people who are not really likely to meet I compare it to the days when I was a child and had penpals, I dutifully wrote a letter each week and most weeks Pam would write back to each other, Sadly I lost contact with her.
If I had taken time to writte to Pam asking her a few questions maybe and telling her what I had been doing, I would be so dissapointed if I never got a reply.
That is how I am feeling about blogging.
I looked in my stats and aw that I have had over 10,--- visits if only I had that many comments.
Hang on a minute I hear you say, I have not seen you visit my blog. I know I am being a Hypocrite, I am guilty of popping by and leaving no comment but from today I promise I will leave a comment .

I would also like to build up my followers , my old blog had 50 followers I only have 20 here, so either I am boring, in which case I need to know or people just dont want to be by follower
Okay well I am off to visit some bloggs
hope to see you soon


M is not for ..............Edenhouse


Here we go again I am really late this week.
Please don't ask busy busy.
Ok for me M is a letter that I have no photos for this week  but it does not mean they are not important just not got their permission to put photo on my blog.
In 2000 me and my family relocated from Manchester to Market Drayton,
the first family I met were the Mullen 's
They have two boys well men now called Micheal and Matthew.
I know at least three Martins,
one a vicar , one a companian and one a husband and father
There is one Mary who is a lovely christian lady.
My daughter grew up with a little girl called Martha .
At this moment I have a young lady at my house called Miriam
so as you can see I have a few M people in my life .Oops there is another one ,who remember M people?
Ok I am off to see miss Jenny at school
See you next week .
PS Better menion my daughters middle name Marie

Monday, 12 August 2013

To Frack or not to frack that is the question

Oh wow another week has gone by and it is time to do Saturday centus. Poor Jenny is thinking of ending our , well my pleasure. Please join in get your fellow bloggers to join in .
Any way here is my offering for the week .
Fracking  Heck, how could they do this I mean come on look at that beautiful green field?

Next week the machines will move in and put an end to our 'Hot time. Summer in the City.'

I know that there will always be new ways of getting energy, but at what cost?

The green and pleasant land that I live in is going to be ruined. Don’t get me wrong I am all for conserving energy love wind turbines but why not just put turbines up instead of drilling.

Ok rant over I know my voice will make no difference.


I do not know the answers as to Fracking being right or wrong so I have put a link for  and a link against.
I am now off to see what other people have come up with. Probably less challenging than me

Please pop over to see Jenny Here


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

L is not for............. Edenhouse


Ok it is that time of week again , where I join a number of other bloggers over at Lady Jenny's Place
Week 12 sees us focusing on the letter L.
Now those of you who follow my blog will know that I have this round been focusing on family or people I know.
Now I could cheat this week by using the titles on these mugs and introduce my children again 

For example I could tell you all about Lord Christopher

Or maybe ladies Rebecca,Elizabeth aka Lizzie and Hannah.
They were each bought a piece of land about a foot square in Scotland that gave them a lord/lady title bit dubious but fun.
I could tell you about Linda in Biddulph or Linda in Derbyshire both great friends but I am leaving it short and simple  the best L in my life is the Lord God .
ok well I am off to school to see whats being shared by other lovely bloggers .

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Stress who mentioned stress?

Saturday Centus again this week dear Jenny seems a bit hot under the collar.
The wording in this weeks challenge is in blue.

Campaigning as the Mayor of Stress Town

Stress town , how could I possibly comment on that ?
How could I possibly be stressed I mean come on I am home every day , single I have control of the tv remote (when alone) it's my choice what's done during the day.
I mean hello real world I don't get up till past nine most mornings then hobble to the shower, brush my teeth dress and then go downstairs .
Oh my my darling 22 year old has left the kitchen a bomb site, the cats miaowing for food the dog needs the garden .
If only I was Campainging as the mayor of stress town.

Well that's all from me this time see you next week  meanwhile please pop by and see Jenny

Thursday, 1 August 2013

K is not for .... Edenhouse

Ok it's that time again "alphabet Thursday"  and this week we have reached week 11 letter K.
This  round I have decided to focus on family and friends each week.

I know of a number people whose names begin with K .

Firstly there is my God daughter Kat aka Katherine she is 23 and earlier this year qualified as a nurse, for some people studying is easy peasy. But for others the gift of studying comes at a struggle , Kat is dyslexic and to achieve what she has is brilliant.

Next is Kathe now this Kathe is my American cousin she lives in Spokane Wa and I love her to bits , she was responsible for my very first hangover , enough said.Kathe is gran to Kalani her youngest grandson

Then there are two other Kaths I know one is a good friend who ended up being my sons mother in law and what is even better is that we are now the wonderfully lucky grandmothers to two fab grandsons .

The next Kath is a wonderfully gifted and kind lady who encouraged me with art. I am absolutely useless at drawing but love colouring in with paint.

My late Godmother has left behind her wonderful dog called Kelsey, I am sure that she really misses her mistress.
My youngest daughter has a Godfather called Kieth 

So as you see I have a few K's in my life .
I am just popping over to see what my kindred friends have come up with over here.