Monday, 12 August 2013

To Frack or not to frack that is the question

Oh wow another week has gone by and it is time to do Saturday centus. Poor Jenny is thinking of ending our , well my pleasure. Please join in get your fellow bloggers to join in .
Any way here is my offering for the week .
Fracking  Heck, how could they do this I mean come on look at that beautiful green field?

Next week the machines will move in and put an end to our 'Hot time. Summer in the City.'

I know that there will always be new ways of getting energy, but at what cost?

The green and pleasant land that I live in is going to be ruined. Don’t get me wrong I am all for conserving energy love wind turbines but why not just put turbines up instead of drilling.

Ok rant over I know my voice will make no difference.


I do not know the answers as to Fracking being right or wrong so I have put a link for  and a link against.
I am now off to see what other people have come up with. Probably less challenging than me

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They can drill so close to a city? I thought drilling was out in unpopulated areas.


I don't like fracking at all. I agree with the turbines too. I guess it's too logical though.


I spent a lot of time in my younger years in a rural area of Ohio that is hot fracking grounds now.

Everything is based on not having a tomorrow.

And perhaps Mother Earth will not.

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