Thursday, 30 May 2013

B is for .............., Edenhouse

Ok here we are again ready for round seven letter B.Thank you Jenny for all your hard reviews I guess that those of us that get an A+ are extremely lucky lol
As I said last week I am using this round to share with you people who are special to me either family or friends , I would like to say now that if on a particular let you are not mentioned please forgive me.

Ok so,I am on the second letter of the alphabet B pronounced Bee.
Now this lovely letter is the second of our Alphabet but I want to tell you about my first child Becky.
On May 22nd 1985 I was blessed with the safe arrival of Rebecca Beryl Eileen  
She has been a real challenge Blessing , I love her dearly but feel I should always be apologising to her even tho she is 28, I am sure I made loads of mistakes with her being the first. But Becky has survived and is now happily married to Carl her husband best friend and soul mate.

It would be remiss if I did not mention Beauty Grandad AKA Bob here

This is my father who sadly died two years ago. He was an ace grandad.
My final B is Beryl My Mum. She died in 1979  and missed being a grandma by two months .
She always said she wanted to be a Grandma and I always said that I would be Granma when the time came, well as you know I am now a privelaged granma to two boys.
Please take time to visit Jenny and thank you for visiting I look forward to your comments

Monday, 27 May 2013

Another 100 words.

Ok I have joined in another Meme . I love these chances to use 100 words to create something worth reading. I am no literary scholar and I am sure you will find grammatical errors , but I hope you will enjoy.
So here we go this is the words I have to include.

There’s always a sting in the tail

What a beautiful day the  sun was shining and sky was blue no better day for a picnic.
It had become a family tradition that both our extended families would gather  twice a year. Once in June for the picnic  and again in December for a barn dance with visit from Santa .

I had made a huge mixed salad with mosaic bottles of Ranch , Caesar and French dressing.

I am so proud to have been accepted into this huge family.
And then I saw him on the arm of a cousin my ex.

There's always a sting in the tail.

Ok thank you for reading , please take a few minutes to pop over to Julia's Place and see what other readers have contributed.

Saturday Centus.

All gave some.   Some gave all

The day was drawing nearer , I was going to keep the promise no matter at what cost to me.
Nobody would ever know my true heartache .
It had been 45 years , but I could tell you about everyone of those day.
Painting the crosses helped me to focus on something else, each cross representing a soldier who was part,of a platoon , wife second but first he was my lover. How could I tell my son that the man he has called daddy is not actually his,real,daddy?   As the saying goes "All gave some, Some gave all"  my sons daddy gave his all.

Well that is all from me in little old England. As you celebrate Memorial Day it seems appropriate to be doing this posting . Too many fathers sons nephews mothers daughters aunts etc have given their all for our countries both sides of the pond .

Please link up to Jenny and see what other people have come up with.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Alphabet Thursday ........A

Well this is the start of round seven of alphabet Thursday. I am not sure at which point I joined this is meme, but I do know I am glad that I did . I have made new friends , read countless posts and learned lots.
This round I have decided to follow a theme  and that theme is NAMES.
now they are not just any names they are names of members of my family or friends.
I am starting with the newest member of my family .

Arthur William Cook

I am respecting My son and daughter in laws wishes to not post a photo of Arthur on my blog. This is. His Moses basket and he his fast asleep in it .
Arthur arrived in the world on May 1st 2013 at 11:41pm. He has a lovely head of hair and is gorgeous  but I am slightly biased.

Arthur is a great great grandson of Arthur John Castle whe is also the great nephew of Arthur Chicken. Both both on his paternal side.

William is the name of his great Uncle on his maternal side. 

Both of his names are strong  and classic names 

The next A is for Adam , Adam is my youngest son . I did not give birth to Adam but I have been part of his life since birth.
Sadly Adams parents both died when he was 16 and he decided that he wanted to come to us. He spend school term at boarding school but joined us for holidays.
Adam is a man united fan and I mean fan , he has a season ticket and gets ribbed by me especially when they occasionally lose.
Adam has overcome a lot in his life but has grown into an amazing adult who I am extremely proud of . He now has three sisters and a brother  and whilst I can never replace his mum I do love him unconditionally  and when people ask me how many children I have I always say 5. In a month Adam will turn 21 but sadly he will be in America doing football coaching  but I am sure he will have a great time.

 Abigail who is my Godaughter   Is my final A she lives in Lincoln and sadly I do not see her very often .

Happy Birthday Rebecca Beryl Eileen Taylor

Let me introduce you to my eldest child , Rebecca  she was born 1460 weeks ago today , that means she has had 10226 nights sleep  I will leave you to work out her age.
Seriously Having Rebecca or Becky, Boo or anything else she might get called, has been an amazing journey and learning curve. Even after all these years and the 4 siblings that followed I still don't think I have earned a degree in parenting, although now I am in the grandparent Class.
Being a parent is like climbing a mountain, for example imagine you're climbing Everest .
First of all when you attempt the climb you have to train for the endurance that is needed.
In most cases becoming a parent there is minimal training offered except learning to bath and do diapers, these skills do not help you when your two year old is having a full blown tantrum in the supermarket!!!
Trust me I have been there Moore than one occasion and not just the once.
I would say that a sense of humour is neded 
A bucket load of patience is essential
The ability to laugh and love unconditional is important.

Anyway more about my daughter her names are in the post title
Rebecca is the name we chose , Eileen was her paternal grandmothers name , Beryl was the name of my Mother who sadly died before Becky was born .
Taylor is her married surname she is married to Carl a really calm ,man who tolerates the loud family that his wife is part of. He copes with her natural ability to be untidy , she inherited that from me .
Se inherited her amazing ability to cook from her maternal great grandmother. Becky can be relied on  to prepare a meal, a buffet or just a snack that is amazing.

I find it amazing how traits are past through the generations , Becky has the dark hair of her maternal grandmother the untidiness of her mother , the gentleness of her father  and the open house nature of her mother.

When the time is right Becky and Carl will make amazing parents and so the process starts again 
That's what I have learned today 
I am linking for the first time with 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday Pirate Centus

well it is Saturday Centus once again. This week dear Jenny has given us a pirate theme what fun . As I am not familiar with "pirate speak" I popped over to HERE and had my words translated free.
I am sure any literay genius would pick fault with my mishmash of words attempting to be a poem but here goes oh I have used the prompt as the title hope this is not considered cheating .


"Argh Matey" 

"Captain Tracy Cook here me hearty

Time you crew t' note t' sign “No Farty”

 You’ll walk t' plank with no “excuse me”

And find t' pirate eatn sharky ".
,"t' weather be dry with rain t' follow

 lets put down t' anchor and visit that land"

,"well find t' gold and have a meal "

,"for me its chips and eel "
,"With t' anchor down

And rowin' boats ready

T' greedy crew

 Set o' t' t' land "

,"Greed in their eaye

And hunger in their bellies

All they wanted was rum punch

 And roast shark for lunch "
well this is my offering for the 160th week of the centus. PLEASE pop over to see our amazing Captain here  otherwise I will make you walk the plank.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A-Z of alphabet Thursday

Well as I thought about this last week of round  six of alphabet Thursday I have decided to a tribute to our amazing leader Jenny . 
I hope you enjoy my A-Z of Jenny and her blogging.
Please pop over to 
And see what else is on on offer

Now this is the end of the Alphabet I have not exactly kept to the rules but have decided to pay a tribute to our fab leader.
Please feel free to add  your own choice if you have a better word than me for a particular letter please let me know .

Just like to say that I have really enjoyed this round of the alphabet Thursday , I have enjoyed reading new blogs and following new bloggers . In t he next round I would love to see my followers go up to maybe 50.
If you have read my blog thank you if not please pop by and please if you have any ideas of ways to improve my blog please tell me I will not be offended but feel thrilled that you have taken time to help me.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Market Drayton Medical Practice

yesterday I had cause to use my Medical Centre in Market Drayton.
I woke up feeling quite yucky and the thought of getting up to go have some blood taken did not thrill me.
Never the less I was not about to waste the appointment.

Whilst sat waiting a middle aged ( the age nor gender is really relevant) man started moaning about the centre and waiting time.
Now I can see his point in a way as he was 15 minutes late and he had to get to work but he was going into see the nurse at no cost.

This is right next  to Doctors.

Now compare this to my friend , whose son ws involved in a car accident in South Africa. He was taken to a public hospital.
When his mother arrived he was in a bad way physically also his sheets were dirty and when his mother wanted to speak to his DR she had to join a queue at 7am get a ticket and basically hope she was lucky, day 2 she managed to see the Dr .
eventually after a lot of trauma Mum decided to move her son to a private hospital nearer to home.
Once having driven him for 6 hours she arrived only to find out her sons condition was worse than been told or treated for.

The cost is going to be £thousands.

Returning to my day I had bloods taken  ended up speaking to then seeing a dr given a prescription  and came home all this in a four hour period and free,

Going back to my initial thought about the man and my reason for this blog post , whilst I can fully appreciate that we live in a rush rush society, we need to be patient and understand that the nurses are there to help us and maybe her previous patient  needed a bit more care. Later that day I spent half an hour with my GP then 20 minutes with a nurse it certainly makes me appreciate that I have a great Medical set up.
I know that the wider picture is not great and cutbacks affect us all .

sorry for wittering on .

I would like to say Thank you to all the staff at the Centre .

Monday, 13 May 2013

Party invite

Dear Jenny + 1,
You are invited to a party .
May 25th 2013 
From noon till dawn
Dress code: Caribbean 
Menu : lots of punch , pies and as many other delights I can make
Venue: My beach hideaway so don't forget your towel.

With the summer nearly upon us I wanted to kick start the party season I was listening to that song by Harry Nilsson and that decided it for me limes and coconut was the order of the day.

R.S.V.P  Tracy :) 


Dear Tracy ,
We would love to come 
Can't wait to see how
   "You put the lime in the coconut" 
Jenny +

Ok before you get excited this is not a real invite , sorry its my contribution to Saturday Centus.The prompt is in yellow.
If you would like to see more please pop over to Jenny and see what other bloggers have come up with.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Tis weekend I have come over the borders to Cheshire , visiting a great family that I have known for years.
Nan Is Ann she is sister to another great friend, Jo Mum is married Chesh ( He has a smile like a Cheshire Cat he is actually Colin.) and finally Faye she is a very special little girl who has overcome many hurdles and with the love of her family , whilst still challenged by what life has to throw at her is blossoming into a delightful 11 year old.

When I arranged to come I said I would bring dessert  the picture below shows Faye enjoying her Tart au Citron with lots of squirts cream.

Sunday morning Chesh made a fab cooked breakfast  and we were joined by Annie.

Although Faye has a few medical issues she is the only person I know that can do a jigsaw from the back

Finally a lovely photo of three generations 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Frustrating Friday

Today has actually been a very good day , despite the title of the post.
This afternoon Hannah and I  met up with Liz to do their Segway experience.
I don't have any pictures sorry .

Now I was reading an article the other day about how to get more readers/followers and one suggestion was not to moan , but I am breaking that rule.

My frustration is that I am struggling to get followers and comments . I regularly comment on blogs I follow
Please help

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

y is for ......... Edenhouse

ok here we are again it is Alphabet Thursday time this week we are charged with the lovely letter Y
I wanted to introduce you to the YOUNGEST member of the family , baby Arthur William born on May 1st but I am respecting his parents wishes of no photos online.
So instead I have decided to look around and see what I can see that is
yellow .
This was a card from a friend who with her two young sons had returned from life in Florida following leaving her husband. I went over to visit with activity things for the boys.

This Knitted Duck was from my Grandson it had an egg in the body and I have just discovered a mini egg in the head Result

This is my favourite in yellow it is an angel made from a dishcloth. it is edged in pearls and red bow round her neck. It was made by a friend who I have just got to know.

Now I know that some people think that a weed is a miss placed plant not me I dislike dandelions immensely especially as my lawn  is covered in them

This is like a field near my home it is rape seed and the smell is so strong , I cant walk across field when in flower .

There are many other things I could have included like Birds custard, yellow pepper, bananas, and then there are members of the squash family and finally tomatoes yes they do come in yellow.
Well I am off to see what others have come up with if you fancy joining me in class pop over to see Jenny .

Monday, 6 May 2013

The newest kid on the block

Ok After missing the last couple of weeks I could not think of a more appropriate week to kick back to it.

Usual rules 100 words plus prompt which this week is



Wednesday May 1st 2012 11.41PM Arthur William Cook entered the world. Younger brother of Harry John Loved son Of Chris and Gemma. To be spoilt rotten Grandson Of Kath& Phil, Tracy and Ian. Undoubtedly ruined by Aunties Becky, Liz and Hannah and Uncles Carl, James and Adam.

What else can I say about this new grandson of mine?

I could tell you that at first he looked huge but now he just looks so cute , basically it is like looking at a darker version of his big brother Harry.

And finally I want to say "SLEEP MY CHILD, AND PEACE ATTEND THEE"


There simple an introduction to my newest grandchild.

Please see what others have come up with over at Jenny’s


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Alphabet X - edenhouse

Ok dear Readers as you can see I have cheeted I have gone back to my older blog and usrd an old blog please forgive me but I have had lots on and tomorrow my daughter in law goes into hospital to have 2nd baby


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Alphabet Thursday X is for ? from Edenhouse

Ok I am on the case early this time , the last few weeks have blurred into a haze of busyness doing what I do not know and as I know I would not have been able to read other blogs decided it was not fair to enter my own .
Any way here goes
This seems to be a world wide craze but not in this house. My son in law and future son in law have them but I do not understand how they work nor have I ever had a go or desire to.
Once upon a time boys ( mostly ) had these game consoles and then they outgrew them and went onto something else now it seems that these boys who are now grown men enjoy them just as much , and why not ?
Ok technically this is not X but I did at least photograph from an angle that makes it look like an X

What is so significant about these buns?
The pastry cross on top of the buns symbolises and reminds Christians of the cross that Jesus was killed on.

Hot Cross Buns
The buns were traditionally eaten at breakfast time, hot from the oven. They were once sold by street vendors who sang a little song about them.
"Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns,
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns."
Hot Cross Bun Ceremony
At the London Pub, The Widow's Son, a Hot Cross Bun Ceremony takes place each Good Friday. In the early 19th century, a widow who lived on the site was expecting her sailor son back home for Easter, and placed a hot cross bun ready for him on Good Friday. The son never returned, but undaunted the widow left the bun waiting for him and added a new bun each year. Successive landlords have kept the tradition going after the pub was opened.
Xerox machine

once upon a time these were just simple to use photocopiers now they are so complicated I think one day a university will offer a degree in how to use them .
I do battle on a daily basis .
Should I do back to back ? do I need document stabling ?
No thank you I just want a black and white copy please .
Wonder if there are any copiers that speak to the user?
X Factor
love it or hate it it's part of our winter TV schedule.
I have to say I really dislike the eaerly stages when all they do is take the micky out of people who think they can sing, act or dance and I think that is awful.
Near to the end I do occasionally watch and in fairness there is some good hidden talent out there.
X Ray fish
Never seen one but how cool .
I am glad that we are not all gifted with this like superman , can you imagine what we might see?
Well that brings me to the end of my offering this week. I am now off to read some other xcellent offerings over at at Jenny Matlocks school for the mentally derranged ( or is that just the teacher )
Take her an apple and you might make her smile happy Thursday