Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Alphabet Thursday ........A

Well this is the start of round seven of alphabet Thursday. I am not sure at which point I joined this is meme, but I do know I am glad that I did . I have made new friends , read countless posts and learned lots.
This round I have decided to follow a theme  and that theme is NAMES.
now they are not just any names they are names of members of my family or friends.
I am starting with the newest member of my family .

Arthur William Cook

I am respecting My son and daughter in laws wishes to not post a photo of Arthur on my blog. This is. His Moses basket and he his fast asleep in it .
Arthur arrived in the world on May 1st 2013 at 11:41pm. He has a lovely head of hair and is gorgeous  but I am slightly biased.

Arthur is a great great grandson of Arthur John Castle whe is also the great nephew of Arthur Chicken. Both both on his paternal side.

William is the name of his great Uncle on his maternal side. 

Both of his names are strong  and classic names 

The next A is for Adam , Adam is my youngest son . I did not give birth to Adam but I have been part of his life since birth.
Sadly Adams parents both died when he was 16 and he decided that he wanted to come to us. He spend school term at boarding school but joined us for holidays.
Adam is a man united fan and I mean fan , he has a season ticket and gets ribbed by me especially when they occasionally lose.
Adam has overcome a lot in his life but has grown into an amazing adult who I am extremely proud of . He now has three sisters and a brother  and whilst I can never replace his mum I do love him unconditionally  and when people ask me how many children I have I always say 5. In a month Adam will turn 21 but sadly he will be in America doing football coaching  but I am sure he will have a great time.

 Abigail who is my Godaughter   Is my final A she lives in Lincoln and sadly I do not see her very often .


Rocky Mountain Woman

What a nice looking young man! How wonderful that you have found each other...


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Hi Tracy -- I like your "A" words and "A" kids. I might have to return to do the Alphabe when the "J's" come. I am a "J" for James (my U.K. heritage coming through there--Fletcher).

I am not doing the Alphabe at least for now and probably not much at all until September. It got voted off. Got to see the grandkids. If I get bored or while they're in school I might.


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Martha Kasper

Congratulations on your new grandchild! Arthur was my grandfather's name and William my father and brother!
This is my first week joining Alphabe-Thursday, lucky me, joining at the beginning!

A is for Assateague

JDaniel4's Mom

I love how your family is ever growing. He looks like a wonderful young man.

Debra @ Homespun

Well this name idea is a good one but I wish we could see the baby ! : ) Congrats! :)


He's such a good-looking young man - I'm sure he'll go far. You have a lovely family, Tracy.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Good idea for the next round! How wonderful that you opened your heart and your home to Adam! My son is named Adam too!


Congratulations on the newest member of your family! What a great theme for this round!

EG CameraGirl

Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandson! And how special that you and Adam have found a special place in your hearts for each other.


I love a family that can make room for one more!

And congrats on your new grandson, Grandma!!



Your family sounds wonderful....all the best to Adam as he begins a coaching career♫ My A:


Nice looking lad! Sounds like you have a wonderful family!


What a beautiful photo, lovely young man in your life, and great idea to use names!

Betty (picture circa 1951)

Welcome to the world Arthur!

Adam seems like a very nice young man.

Good choices for Alphabe-Thursday.


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Scudds Harrison

Hello! Sorry for the late visit :) This is such a very good post. He does looks like very nice lad. You have a wonderful family.


Names is an awesome theme!!!

I can't wait to hear more of these amazing people"s stories!

You're off to a great start with Arthur, Adam and Abigail!

Thanks for linking.


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