Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 180 saturday Centus

Ok its that time when I have 100 words to speak about a word or theme, this week Jenny has given us HOPE.

Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in ones life or in the world at large. (Wikipedia)
How many times in a day do we say "I Hope"?
I know I say it many times I also text it when I know that somebody is going through something difficult or pleasurable.
This has made me think is there another word I could use instead of HOPE?
How about Trust ?
This would be good if you have prayed for someone.
What about  Guess ?
This would be suitable if you can see smiles or hear happiness in voices
Ok small thoughts that have gone over the 100 sorry

Please pop over and see Jenny she would love to hear about Hope from you .

Somber Sunday

"I find myself lost for words"


These words in blue were what I heard as I sat down to blog.
At this moment I am sat in my study which is quite central in my house. I am surrounded by boxes, every room in the house looks like a bomb has hit it.
I want to cry I want to scream and shout .
The house no my home has sold . I am moving to a rented house that is not a home yet, but I know that with the help and presence it will be a home.
God has been so Central to our lives (mine and Hannah) over the last year especially. Sharing faith and praying with my 22 year old daughter is amazing.
Our prayers have been answered in Gods time, the house has sold not at at good price but sold. This means that all my links with my ex husband are well and truly severed, I do not say harsh things about him it is between him and God what happens. I am sad that my adult children have nothing or very little to do with him.
I pray that one day that will be resolved but that is not my issue.
I need to keep my eyes on God , my heart opens and my ears listening .


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

100 word

… but there was still enough light…

Ok it's time to get up for the last time At Eden House, yes it's moving day.
Thirteen years have gone before and are now history 
Tomorrow is the future and today the present .
So here comes the van family are here , with keys in hand we do the first load.
Eight hours later we have one more load ,but there was still enough light will me make it before the night falls around us?
Phew boxes in the rooms furniture settled , what's for tea I heard my son ask.
No I have not cooked Fish and chips anyone?

So as you see that's what I am up to at the moment . The dreaded moving day is drawing close.
I say dread I am actually looking forward to it .i am sure you will see updates on my blog.
This is literally as my daughter in. Law said the last connection to the ex being severed , obviously I will never sever the children's connection .

Please pop and see

Monday, 23 September 2013

Riddle me re

My first is red but not in blue
My second in eggs and also in cake
To find my third look to the moon
Obviously I am hiding my fourth 
Letter five is here
The sun shields the sixth 
And finally seven is in bed
My whole is a feeling of sadness for past mistakes

What's the topic today?
Have experienced this a lot in the last four yes and many times I say what if?
What if I had been the best wife would he have wandered away ?
All I know is I have a new life 

Please link up with Jenny for Saturday Centus . See you there or be square 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Sunday

Another weekend I have had a fabulous time.
I visited a friend with birthday gift. It was nothing new it was a book from my collection that I was sure Brittany would enjoy, she was very pleased.
Then it was time to fill the car drop friends of in town then head over to Telford for a Calvary lunch , very scrummy  and I was excellent with my choices meat and lots of veg and just ate the smallest piece of Yorkshire pudding.
Then it was home to play with Harry and Arthur well Arthur actually as Harry went to bed.

And finally I came home hung some washing out and sat down to read day 7 of the bible in 90days.
I was pleasantly surprised to,see that cinnamon was used in biblical times , as it's my favourite fragrance and taste.

I continue to be amazed at how connected we are to biblical times not just the New Testament but old as well, let's see what week two brings forth.
I wanted to include a picture and took the liberty when I found this to turn it upside down so the cross was the right way up.

If you would like to know more about reading the bible in 90 days  pop over here

Friday, 20 September 2013

S is not for ..... EdenHouse

S is full of special people , Susie and her daughter Steph , I have know not the family since 1984
Sian is a friend from church she has had a tough last year tried my best to support her.
My friends son Steve lost his Dad aged 11 and he came to stay with us to help him grieve.
Support is a big S in. My life both helping support people and also being supported .
Sylvia is my sorry was my biggest support .
Sylvia came into m y life when I was 11 ish , she was my mothers best friend. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer it was Sylvia who came to look after her , as well as other visitors. It was Silvia I chose to be my Godmother at my christening before my mothers death.
It was Sylvia I went to stay with between the death of my Mother and her funeral. 
It was Sylvia that promised to look after me when my Mother died,
Well sadly now Sylvia has died , after spending her life helping others I think she was the last of he friends to die. 
I had the privilege to see her the day before she died , I also had the privilege of reading something I wrote,may her funeral. 

I wrote this the day my Godmother sylvia died.

A life has ended
Not by choice
But by timing
The body was weary
And needed a rest
Not just a nap
Or overnight slumber
But the sleep that lasts for

As the breaths slowed her down
And the twinkle left her eyes
Maybe an Angel was waiting
To take her hand and gently lead her  for the start of her eternity.

Fun time memories are left behind
Inappropriate film for a real lady
Apple farm visit
Jams and chutney
Codeword and crosswords
Non stop pencild with a rubber on the end
Notes on scraps of paper
Tapestry too and seat belt covers
Buttons collected from an eternity ago
Tv programmes recorded
And watched when nothing else on
Canasta played, games won and lost

Cinnamon gum chewed
Chocolate devoured
Sweets of any type sucked to the end
Rich tea biscuits dunked in tea
With kelsie ever hopeful,
faithfully by her side
Real tea used
come rain or shine
Make up applied
the same everyday
And the memory over riding all
TCP to eternity.
Goodbye and thank you for leaving us all with our own wonderful
By Tracy Cook 

If you want to see more S contributions pop over and see Jenny 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

R is not for ....... Edenhouse

Well here we go again and already we are at R .
Now I am fortunate to have a number of R people in my family.
Firstly there is Rebecca AKA Becky  my eldest child 
Next is my brother Robert 
Then. There  is a cousins daughter in NY called Rachel.
We have a wonderful adopted member of our family called Rob he is Christopher's Godfather
I also have a God daughter called Rachel.
I know a Ruth, Richard , Rosemary and dare say I have missed some R people oh Roberta .
I must also mention Ron who is the wonderful man I am dating .

So as you can see R was a good letter for me .
Please pop over to see what other people have contributed at Jenny's class this week 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Saturday Centus by Magi Naz

Yes it is Saturday Centus time again and yes I know its Monday but I have been busy and away  sorry.
Once again Jenny has given us a word to base our 100 words on .
See if you can work out what the word is this week

I am sure at the time that Jesus was born there were many people who popped in to say hello.

Many people would have wanted to see this baby born on a stable .

Magi Naz could well have turned up bearing a gift or two.

There would have been many startled faces when the three most documented Magi turned up I wonder what the typical gift was?

 Today its clothing ,toys  and as such .

A miracle could have been gifted with what I wonder?

Would love to hear  what Magi Naz saw in that smelly stable
Jenny's word this week is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
Please pop over to see what other people have come up with on Jenny's blog


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Q is not for.......... Eden House

I always find myself amazed at the part of the week when I have to choose to share with other people in Jenny's class.
This week I am at a loss of anyone I know whose name begins with Q.I decided to look at the bible as I have read it and knew there were a couple of Q names in there.

Qoheleth is the Hebrew form of the name of the preacher of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes 1.1

Quartus was a Christian whose greetings Paul appends at the end of his letter to the Romans. Romans 16.23
Quirinius was the Roman governor of Syria at the time of Augustus' census, which coincided with Jesus' birth. Luke 2.2

So this week it is very short and sweet, I am now popping over to see Jenny and what other people have come up with.

Could I please ask a HUGE favour I am trying to increase my followers .Would you please tell me what you want from a blog and does my Blog need improving.
Thank you

Fresh Start

Ready Steady Go!!!!!!
Ok I have no clever ideas or pictures
But I do have determination
I don't expect my blog
To be the best in blogland
But I do want to be a place
That followers get up every morning
Excited to see what I have posted
I have Blogs that I have to read
at the start of every day
How do I achieve that I wonder?
Being serious now, the photo above is from Monte Carlo , this has a grandprix track and it is amazing.
I have driven round the circuit as tourist , I compare this to my blog , I want my blog to be one that people say oh have you been to Edenhouseseven?
I want people to take a pit stop and leave a comment.
SO now I have to take advice read advice but basically get me out there.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Wine box to desk

A number of years ago a wine box arrived in our house with three very nice bottles of wine, being the " oh that would make.........someday " sort of person I squirreled it away in the garage. Due to putting the house on the market there have been numerous episodes of sorting and tidying , and just like the average soap opera have different levels of excitement , indifference and occasional murders .
"Well where are you going with this I hear you scream at me"
Hang on I am getting there. One of these tidy ups involved me saying yes everything in the garage can go I trust you.
Imagine my horror when I went out to see how work was progressing and saw the wine box on the tip run pile. I immediately gathered it in my arms like a lost child and said I promise not to remove anything else .
This is the inside

See the lovely picture on the lid ?
Felt bad covering it
This gives general look
one more layout plan.
I played around with what I actually wanted
to put inside my new desk

I assembled all I thought I would need under the
watchful eye of Tilly

first job was to paint the blackboard this would
take two hours to dry

Next the notice board ,
this padding was saved from when my new bed was delivered


These two products were great
I really had a tough job lining the base . I nearly gave up and
even considered blackboard painting the base.
To do the lining I actually got the size I needed and hemmed all four sides I used red as there is red in the notice board fabric.
I decided the glue would not be enough to hold fabric up the sides so stapled them, only trouble with that brainwave was that the staples came through the sides , now have to think about what to do with the protruding staples.
So far I am pleased with the outcome, I am more than confident that there are crafters out there that would do this a lot neater ,but I am happy with it so far. I have added to picture hooks but they do not do the job I wanted so need to rethink. I also put string accross board to stop flapping of notes ect.
I want to put a ribbon around the bottom where the staples are just to pretty it up .
So as you can probably see I have a number of things fitted in here. I have used the two halves of  an Iphone box as storage. There is a stack of pots with paper clips  Another pot has chalk and the third one my ear phones, I plan to store phone cable as I am always losing it.
The Blackjack tin has bluetack and ither bits and bobs in. Under the address book is my cardmaking tin, I have sold the majority of my card making kit but kwpt just a few bits . There is glue and screen ipes along with a stapler. I bought a 3 for 2 offer on Pens note block and a card index on a ring. I had hoped to hang this but thad did not work out.
I have also put in tissues well you never know when they might be needed.
So that is the tour I will be adding bits and pieces along the way for now I need to organise what I have and fix them down.
I would really value your opinions and further ideas please

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Vola Saint

Saturday Centus this week has another one word prompt . I have chosen to not reveal the word in the hope that you can work it out .

              Vola  Saint

Vola Saint is very close to me and has been since 1984, VS came to me as a total revelation and gently showed me how to change my life.
I had to make some drastic changes to my life , but VS has always been there reminding that God loves me for who I am.
Accepting Jesus into my life was the single biggest change I have ever made in my life and whilst at times it seems hard being a Christian Viola Saint has kept me on the straight and narrow pathways of life . I am not perfect.

The word this week is.  - --------

Please pop over and see what the rest of Jenny's class have come up with

Friday, 6 September 2013

Time for change

OK as some of you may know Hannah and I are trying to downsize.
I am trying to move my office into a wine box

Trust me I need to downsize

Ok a few weeks ago I approached a Blogger who agreed to put the challenge out there to blog land.The original post is over here .

There were a few good ideas there so I embarked on this project with ideas whizzing round my brain and have come to a standstill .
The two boards in the lid I want as a blackboard and the other as a padded notice board that I can either pin things to or slip notes in

I have decided to just have a small selection of card making things they are in the small pink tin , under my address book. The pencil case is obvious . I have put top and bottom of iphone box as storage. there are also a couple of plastic screw top pots one is three layers that has paper clips drawing pins and mini bull dog clips.
The black jack tin has blue tac scissors and memory stick. There is a pack of tissues and screen wipes oh and post it notes.
now to fix it all in place and look lovely .
This is where your help comes in .
Please give me some ideas.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sue Rater a good life companion

Well it is week 176 of Saturday Centus and oh what a task is set before me I have to write about a word but cant use it , now we all know that when you cant use a word you want to use it, it’s a bit like being on  a diet and wanting chocolate .




A few years ago I met a lovely lady called Sue Rater , Nothing was ever to much for her she was really a brilliant person.

One day I needed some help sorting an out fit out , Sue Rater came to my rescue  and helped me compile a beautiful outfit.

On another occasion Sue Rater was there again when I needed my garden doing .

I am sure that everyone has a Sue Rater in their life .

Sue Rater  is there as a wonderful part of my life  I hope you have a Sue Rater in your life.



Ok well I hope you have enjoyed my little story and introduced you to someone special .have you worked out what she is?

Please pop over to see what others have come up with here

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

O No P is not for .........................Edenhouse

Oh No I did not post last week, partly because I know noone with O name and partly as I was in holiday mode with my partner.
Normal service is resuming this week tho.


Now who can I think of with a P , well firstly I will have to remember my amazing Aunt Pat

This is  way before she got the dreaded "C" sadly she died two years ago and is still much missed by many people.

There is a Peter too he died way to soon .

I know a Paul he is an amazing christian musician .
I have a new friend called Phillipa , she is a friend of my new partener .
I think if I ever hava new animal I would like to call it Pip , there is a Pip in a reading scheme here and Pip is one of the charachters just love the name .
Pauline is a lovely lady who trained as a minister and is now somewhere in Yorkshire I think.

Well thats it I have completeted the task set by Miss Jenny over here at Alphabet Thursday .
I look forward to reading what P's you have come up with. See you in the Q next week .