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S is not for ..... EdenHouse

S is full of special people , Susie and her daughter Steph , I have know not the family since 1984
Sian is a friend from church she has had a tough last year tried my best to support her.
My friends son Steve lost his Dad aged 11 and he came to stay with us to help him grieve.
Support is a big S in. My life both helping support people and also being supported .
Sylvia is my sorry was my biggest support .
Sylvia came into m y life when I was 11 ish , she was my mothers best friend. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer it was Sylvia who came to look after her , as well as other visitors. It was Silvia I chose to be my Godmother at my christening before my mothers death.
It was Sylvia I went to stay with between the death of my Mother and her funeral. 
It was Sylvia that promised to look after me when my Mother died,
Well sadly now Sylvia has died , after spending her life helping others I think she was the last of he friends to die. 
I had the privilege to see her the day before she died , I also had the privilege of reading something I wrote,may her funeral. 

I wrote this the day my Godmother sylvia died.

A life has ended
Not by choice
But by timing
The body was weary
And needed a rest
Not just a nap
Or overnight slumber
But the sleep that lasts for

As the breaths slowed her down
And the twinkle left her eyes
Maybe an Angel was waiting
To take her hand and gently lead her  for the start of her eternity.

Fun time memories are left behind
Inappropriate film for a real lady
Apple farm visit
Jams and chutney
Codeword and crosswords
Non stop pencild with a rubber on the end
Notes on scraps of paper
Tapestry too and seat belt covers
Buttons collected from an eternity ago
Tv programmes recorded
And watched when nothing else on
Canasta played, games won and lost

Cinnamon gum chewed
Chocolate devoured
Sweets of any type sucked to the end
Rich tea biscuits dunked in tea
With kelsie ever hopeful,
faithfully by her side
Real tea used
come rain or shine
Make up applied
the same everyday
And the memory over riding all
TCP to eternity.
Goodbye and thank you for leaving us all with our own wonderful
By Tracy Cook 

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Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

How wonderful that you had Sylvia's support and love to help you through rough times. The poem is a lovely tribute.

Rocky Mountain Woman

lovely poem, great "s" post...


Great post for S and creative photo ~ carol ^_^


Beautiful tribute. I love the picture!


that was a beautiful poem. Though it made me cry. I hope Sylvia heard it. {:-Deb


Such a moving poem and post ...


Beautiful tribute!

Pam Beers.

What a lovely tribute to your Godmother, Sylvia.


I'm so glad you had Sylvia in your life. What a blessing!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

Tracy...lovely words and memories fill your poem...
Blessings & Aloha!
I am happy to have made it to your post as I go through more S posts.

(Also, you had asked about info on the art I the monograms, please email me at I would love to send you more info and be honored to work on some artwork for you).


This is such a special post for someone that sounds like a spectacular woman...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thanks for linking to the letter "S".

I will be sending lots of prayers your way!

Hugs and A+

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