Wednesday, 30 January 2013

K's in my life .....

Ok he we go again its Thursday and that means only one thing Alphabet Thursday.
This week we have the delights of K. When you have a minute please pop over to Jenny class and see what other people have come up with

Kit Kat has to be the place I begin. It was first created in 1911 in a chocolate factory in York called Rowntrees. In 1988 it was taken over by NestlĂ© .

For those of you who have sampled a Kit Kat you will know what I say when I say it has a crispy chocolaty yumminess.

The next important K in my everyday life is my Kettle.

Now I have a fancy one now, It was provided by Occupational Health as an aid to my everyday life. A year ago I had a major back op and have been left with a few issues one of which means I can not or should not carry heavy things especially as I am prone to dropping things .
This gets filed up by Hannah every morning and it rolls on all day apparently using same electricity as energy saving light bulb.

OK I cant say I cant live without this product but I am glad that I do have it. What do you add it to? I add it to some pasta dishes , chips and sausages.

Who remembers having to bash the bottle to get the flow started and then how did we get the last drops out?
Then we had the squeasy bottle an improvement
But then the clever people at Heinz created this shape bottle Perfect . Now when I get to the end I pour water in shake and add to a casserole

For me this is a yummy fruit , How do you eat yours ? I either break in half  and just suck if soft or use a teaspoon like an egg

And finally keys
We all have keys  doors, windows, car to name a few.
hands up if you jave NEVER lost them.

Just have to say I am happy to have reolved picture issue
see you next week .

two into One .....................

Ok maybe these two pictures ( yes I have solved picture issue)  will give you a clue as to my conundrum. I have two Blogs greedy I know. I did not intend to have two blogs , but something happened that meant I could not access so I set up this new one.
I have been looking into merging the two, this is possible unless of course you are me.
I get so far and think ye I have done it only to find out I have not .
I now have a choice forget about number one blog and just do this one or find somebody who knows how to do it.
I am for now going down the first route so if anyone has  carried out this successfully please let me know and I will be your BFF.
Ok now to resurrect  the study/ craft room ( Pictures to follow)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly photo challenge love

Ok I know it is not quite valentines day but I just had to share this photograph.
We have , or should I say my daughter has a house rabbit, he is fearless naughty and very loving , when it suits.
I have the big ball of black and white fur known as Tilly who is the biggest whimp in the house, unless ou happen to be the postman.
I know it is not normal for a rabbit to lay with dog but these two really do love each other.

I am taking part in Photo challenge from the daily post at word press.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Other side

Ok it is Saturday 26th January already, how can it be a month since Christmas ?
I am ready and waiting for whatever Jenny throws at us this morning.
Saturday Centus I am ready to go.

Number of words:  106 (including the words 'The dark side of the stars..."
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any

The regular restrictions apply: PG, no splitting of the prompt, play nicely and visit the other entries, any style or genre of writing you prefer. Please Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog.

Thanks Jenny you have me stumped this week, can't think of anything.
Pop over and see other offerings 

                                                        The Dark Side of The Stars






The end

Ok this really is a load of rubbish not connected in any way with the prompt except as the starter for an acrostic poem.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Food week 2

I was going to call my Friday. Posts Fat Fridays but that kind of defeats the object of trying to lose weight and maybe encourage others.
I have just weighed and am 19st 6lb that is  a loss of 3lb.
I have been keeping my food intake in IPad  diary, and to be honest being honest is the best thing about dieting and that is being HONEST.

Before I would kid myself that I was eating healthily and on the surface I was but underneath the healthy food was the rubbish, sugar and fat filled JUNK . This junk was not needed and the adage a minute on your lips a life on your hips is so true.

I was trying to kid myself  that the odd bar here or biscuit there would do no harm, but after 26 years of yo yo dieting I realised this had to stop.

I am not saying it has been easy, it has not, yes I have been tempted and a couple of times I have given into temptation, but this first week I have been good.

That is not to say that next week will be the same, I liken it to somebody who smokes, when they want to quit they have to take it a day at a time as with an alcoholic .
Any life change has to be done a step at a time unless it is the lottery win then I guess I could blow a few thousand quite easily.
I am as well as I can following low GI , now I have not won the lottery so can't go out and buy all new GI low food as I do have food in my house that needs consuming first.

But I have got rid of all the Christmas junk  like extra chocolate and biscuits..
My day is basically oats for breakfast, meat sandwich and yogurt  for lunch followed by supper which at the moment is pasta, rice or potato based meal. Once these staples have been finished I will swap them for whole meal pasta and brown rice.
I am lucky that I love salad and vegetables so hopefully this will what keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Ok well it is time for breakfast  see you next week.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

just a few of my favourite J's

Well it is Thursday again and time for alphabet Thursday with Jenny please pop by and say hi.

Jurassic a polite way to describe something old

Jeans  but not with jagged holes. 

Jumping n around is not for me due In Part to being a .mum you know what I mean.

Jenga is a game for a steady hand and not to be played after a jug of juicey cocktails.

Jumpers deffinatley needed at the moment.

Jewellry tastefully worn when appropriate.

Jesus life is nothing without him. ( in my opinion)

Jaffa cakes yummy but not for dieters as one is never enough.

James Bond need I say more?

Junk is what my study is full of

Jaffa oranges yummy

Ok well this is my contribution I would so have loved to add pictures but for some reason this is to working at the moment

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All new

Well yesterday and today have been exciting and hopefully profitable time, I have finally after much deliberating opened my own Etsy shop.
I have named it CastleCrafts and card. This is a tribute to my Castle roots.
So far I have 25 items for sale and lots more to upload.
I am not a master crafter but I do make what I would buy.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tomatoes ........ Saturday Centus

Ok it is the weekend and this means one think Saturday Centus time.

This week Jenny has posted a picture of tomatoes on the vine.
I have 100 words to entertain you .
When finished please pop by and see how others have interpreted the picture.
Her is mine:

Well if I am to believe the seed catalogues dropping through my letterbox it is time to order some tomato seeds
There are over 750 varieties how on earth do I choose?
Will I grow them in a hanging basket or a vegetable bed in the garden? Maybe in the conservatory or kitchen windowsill .
The greatest question is will they ripen on the vine or end up as green tomato chutney?
As I sit and dream of fresh tomatoes on toast or home made tomato sauce I still have to decide which variety from the choices in front of me.
Happy reading

Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 1 week 1

Ok I am starting to eat in a new way . Over Christmas I stood on the scales and weighed in at a wopping 20 st 3lb or 283lbs
now considering that I am 5ft 11 that is awful.
The crunch time came when Becky my eldest daughter came round , having been for a hospital appt saying she needed to get down to a BMI of 29.
I have a whole lifetime of grandchildren ahead of me and i want to be the fit one rolling disgracefully down a grass hill with them.
I want to be able to get on the floor and build towers with them.
I am the only one who puts food into my mouth , I need to learn willpower.

Now the starting point is this morning at 8am when I weighed myself.
I weighed in at 19st 9lbs

For my birthday I was given a voucher for Evans which I have found out that I can use at Dorothy Perkins my goal is to buy something in a size 16 this year.

If any readers have any GI tips please let me know and share.
See you next Friday .

Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Ok it is that time of the week when I have to rattle my brain to compose a piece of literature that will interest you the reader.
Yes you got it Jenny has set us the challenge over Here at Alphabet Thursday.
I was then pondering words and this one came to mind "IRIDESCENT"   

Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is generally known as the property of certain surfaces that appear to change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. There are numerous common examples of iridescence; for example, soap bubbles,butterfly wings, and sea shells.

A Picture immediately came to mind of blowing bubbles for my grandson with sunlight shinning through. 
A R A I N B O W  is a perfect example of something that is iridescent . And as a R A I N B O W is one of my favourite acts of nature it seems fitting to share here.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Brilliant Birthday Bash

Well I can not deny it any longer I am fifty. My darling grandson curtesy of his parents , gave me a badge with instructions I had to wear it. I think my corsage look was good.
ok from left to right Carl & Becky, Gemma, Chris & Harry, Me, Hannah , Liz and James and finally Adam.
There are many more photos of the party include room set up food etc but for some reason I am unable to add to the blogg.
Surfice to say there was ample food , wonderful guests and a general atmosphere of fun.
Nikki my wonderful Niece performed with her amazing voice as well as organising music for people to sway to.
Sadly not many people got up to dance but everybody commentate don her wonderful voice.

Saturday Centus

Well it's Saturday again and time for me to contribute to Saturdau Centus with Jenny

Our prompt this week is an 80th birthday balloon . For some reason I cannot add photos, hope you have a good imagination.
Prompt:  "My mother turned 80 today."
Number of words: 105 words (including the five word prompt)   

July 30th was the date my mum turned 80, invites sent to her family and friends asking them to bring a memory of their relationship to her.
I chose the photo of her 50th birthday thats my abiding memory of my mum.
She is  sat surrounded by the fifty red roses my father gave her.
I don't know what the cake would be as sadly this party is all in my head , you see my mum died when she was fifty. Another victim of Cancer. She would have been 80 in 2008.
but sadly I can't say "my mum turned 80 today"

Ok that is it from me. Just popping over to read other thoughts .

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Alphabet Thursday ..,. H is for........

Ok brilliant it is alphabet Thursday time again.
This week we have "H" to do justice to.
I can't decide which direction to take it as I have two themes running around in my head.
One is Hair styles of me 1963 til today or happy birthday .
Here  let me explain. I was born on 7th January 1963, so that meant that this past Monday I reached the grand old age of 50 yes I am 50 but do not feel it.
On Saturday after much secret planning and Hushed conversations and hidden boxes
I was able to attend my party, the only input I had was that of venue costs and guest list.
I arrived at the allotted time and was thrilled at what I saw. A loooooong table full of desserts was the first direction my eyes went .

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Saturday Centus

Saturday Centus time again. I was a bit distracted on Saturday as I had a significant birthday.

This week thee is a picture of a boy holding the world in his hand. I have 100 words to entertain you so here goes.

Please pop by and read other people's interpretations. Jenny

He's got the whole world in his hand. These song words immediately came to mind when I saw the picture.
It reminded me that my grandson Harry who was 1 on 26th December has the whole world ahead of the moment he could do anything he wanted to . What he does and how he reaches his full potential is down to those of us around him , and the people that cross his path.
At the moment all he is interested in is being cute and learning to walk.
My prayer is than nobody stunts his progress.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alphabet Thursday ........G

Ok it is Thursday again and that can mean only one thing for me and that  is Alphabet Thursday.
Today I am linking with Jenny please pop over and say hi she does not bite.

Ok G well my first instinct is to go for Granma but sadly I am not permitted to put photos of my gorgeous grandson Harry, what I can share o is that in a few short weeks he will be getting a brother or sister, exciting times.
One thing I have attempted to do is photograph Harry every Monday since he was born I am nearly through making his album , just need first birthday picture . That way when he is older he can see how he grew so quickly.

On other theme for G wold have to be God.Again there are no photos for God as everybody has their own idea about what he looks like.
Without wishing to get into a great debate about religion I will just say that for me if it was not for answered prayer I know I would be in a totally different place now.

Ok I am going to call it a ya there as I can't seem to upload any pictures and its quite boring without them.

Happy reading

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year

Well it is. January 1st 2013 and I have a mixed feeling.
Whilst 2012 was physically challenging for me, it was a year that I was richly blessed .
It was the year my first Grandchild turned one and I got the exciting news that there was going to be another Cook baby. The biggest event was that of Elizabeth and James getting married, a day that was celebrated in a beautiful way.

                           My thoughts as I start the new year.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas
My trusty scales replied to me
Fairest Tracy  you can see
The food you ate
The wine you drank
The toffees you chewed
The cake you scoffed
The mince pies you munched
The fruit you forgot
The nuts you cracked
The chips you grazed
The cream you poured
Have all taken their toll
You now weigh far to much
To wear the gifts you got.

So fruit is in
 Carbohydrates out
Salad in
Chocolate out
Water in
Alcohol out
Waistband in
Not out
Moderation is the word to avoid the scales wrath.
Happy New year. To one and all.

My hopes for 2013 are

A slimmer me
A happy 50th party
A new grandchild
More blogging.
And who knows what else God sends in my direction


Tis the season to be festive

Well Santa has been and gone, I am so humbled by my family and friends generosity.

I have had gifts that will last 2 minutes (chocolate) another that will last a year or more   (magazine subscription) .

My new camera will take and make memories for life and beyond.

One gift will keep me comfortable for years (Chair) and yet another one will keep my feet warm (slippers)

My Grandson gave me a beautiful flower arrangement.

Another gift will give me meal ideas in 15 minutes, do not think these meals will be equal to the one that Hannah prepared her first Christmas meal and it was amazing.

So jus from this snippet of my gifts you can see I have been blessed, despite loving all the gifts my greatest gift was having all my children here at one time or another followed closely by seeing close friends on Christmas day.

Boxing day was a chance to celebrate the first birthday of Harry my wonderful grandson,

Boxing say was also the day that yet again we had a wonderful feast prepared by Becky

Today is a bit of a come down, Hannah gone to work Adam back to Manchester and me home alone, the good part is that friends are arriving soon.

Well I must go and have some leftovers for lunch I know tough,.