Thursday, 24 January 2013

just a few of my favourite J's

Well it is Thursday again and time for alphabet Thursday with Jenny please pop by and say hi.

Jurassic a polite way to describe something old

Jeans  but not with jagged holes. 

Jumping n around is not for me due In Part to being a .mum you know what I mean.

Jenga is a game for a steady hand and not to be played after a jug of juicey cocktails.

Jumpers deffinatley needed at the moment.

Jewellry tastefully worn when appropriate.

Jesus life is nothing without him. ( in my opinion)

Jaffa cakes yummy but not for dieters as one is never enough.

James Bond need I say more?

Junk is what my study is full of

Jaffa oranges yummy

Ok well this is my contribution I would so have loved to add pictures but for some reason this is to working at the moment


Rocky Mountain Woman

just lovely! I have junk in my office and no longer jump around much either...


I don't like holes in my jeans either. Lots of Js! {:-Deb


jeans, junk, jewelry, jumping around and jenga - what's not to get excited about? what a clever post for letter J.


I really like this post! I came over to tell you that I appreciated your sharing your prayer time and using the Alphabet to pray! It has been helpful for me! Thank you.

Sometime it takes me a while to get around here!

Enjoy the wekeend! Blessings, Anne

Lady In Read

jeans , james bond - yes..

Sandra Tyler

Fun. And ambitious! More than one J!


Wonderful selection of Js - lovely blog too!

Hope all is going well!

Along These Lines .....

James Bond in a jumper and jeans eating Jaffa cakes while watching Jurassic Park

EG CameraGirl

Ha! It is definitely too cold right now to wear jeans with holes! :)

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