Thursday, 25 July 2013

J is not for ........Edenhouse

Ok you guessed it we. Are on the tenth letter of the alphabet J
Fr the seventh round of alphabet ThursdayI have decoded to focus on names.
They could be family or. friends failing that they might be names I love.

Ok let's get started 

James I know two one a son in law and one a great friend
Jack and Jerry are cousins
Joshua a Godson
Johnathan  is Joshua's big brother.
Jenny I know 2 both in Manchester 
Julie ex work colleague now friend 
Jon a friend who is a hospital chaplain
Finally there is Janet my dear Godmothers daughter.

It would be remis of me not to mention Jeremiah .

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Ok we'll that's my lot for this week. . I am off to see miss Jenny oops there is another one sorry Jenny 
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Slip slap slop

I am once again contributing to my favourite meme Saturday Centus. 

The silent sun glowing 
Waiting for the world to wake up
Breakfast called and time for school 
Maths and English what a bore
Slip slap slop factor 30

Time for lunch at the noon of day 
On the bench with warm curled sandwich
Warm water and brown banana
Sun is oh so hot engulfing me as I fell into a ring of fire
Slip slap slop factor 50

Art  and history for afternoon school
Followed by PE in the scorching sun
The final bell goes and home   
The holiday has started 
slip slap slop factor 30

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

I is not for Eden House

Ok it is time a gain to share people in my life with you, yes it is alphabet Thursday.
And this week its I

Well I guess the most important I in my life was my ex husband Ian. We met and married in a 1984 and very soon had a family, Rebecca, Elizabeth Christopher and finally Hannah , and I have to say I would not be who I am today witjout the years I spent with Ian.

I dont honestly know where my marriage failed I just knw that on Friday August 28th 2009 Ian called and said he was not coming home. My world fell apart but I had to make sure that the for wonderful children were cared for.
We divorced on May 11th 2011I am not bitter just  sad that what I vowed in church did not last because he no longer loved me.

There actually a number of Ian's in my life.
Ian Marrow father of a child I minded and now friend along with his partner Georgina
Ian Thompson ex wife of my best friend Carolyn and Godfather to Christopher
Ian Andrews a neighbour who  along with his wife have been very supportive
Ian McFarland christian friend from church

And there are few other that I could bore you with.

My first Niece was christened Ilse but as a teenager decided to use her middle name Nikki so more about her in a few weeks..
There is also an Aunt called Irene but for various reasons I do not have a  relationship with her.

Please Can I ask you to pop over to Jenny and see what other I's have been inventented

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


There is a lady in my life called Sylvia, well factually she is now a memory as yesterday at 1:45pm she peacefully left this world for what ever follows.

Sylvia was born on August 10th around 1926. She cam into my life circa 1974 when I was a mere 11 year old child.

Just a short 5 years later Sylvia became a mum to me you see my mum died.
Mum and Sylvia met as teenagers I dont know much of their story just that they were very beautiful ladies.

As mums best friend it was to sylvia that Mum turned when she knew she was coming home poorly. Little did Sylvia know what she would end up with after the death of my mum on Februay 20th 1979.

After mum's death we travelled down to Ongar in Essex I was loved and prepared to travel back to Kings Lynn for mums funeral a hard time obviously.

Since that date Sylvia has watched and shared the changes in my life.
I was married in 1984 sadly Sylvia could not be there, but when each of my children arrived she was thrilled as any potential grandmother would be.

Sylvia came up occasionally and I travelled down to her with one or two of the children.
Sylvia was a pillar of the community and would help anyone with anything she could .

sadly most of Sylvias friends died before her and I think tha last few years have been very sad for her attending funerals.

This post is not a grammatically correct piece it is judt a place for me to spill out my thoughts nor is it a photo galary.

This is all I want to say for now so Bye

Monday, 15 July 2013

To Sylvia

Welcome to week ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE of Saturday Centus.  

                                                Well, this is a picture WITH words.

                                                             Ten words to be exact.

                                                                  Another picture?

 The prompt this week:   Write 110 words about the picture above (ISN'T THAT TRICKY?  HA!)

Number of words:  No more than 110 total
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any 

As I write these 110 words I am distracted by a James Bond film , diamonds are forever and the fact that a few miles away my dear God Mother is in the final hours of her life.
Maybe when I go and sit by her bed later I will ask her the question How do you like to go up in a swing?
I imagine when she was a little girl she might have swung on an old rickety swing , she would then have taken her own children to the park in Ongar and watched them for hours going back and forth. 
With no grandchildren to watch she spent time watching my children asking to go higher.
She will be my Diamond for ever.

I have not counted these words it just seems to be the right amount to say what I wanted to say .

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

H is not for Edenhouse

I need to start this week with an apology . Last week I was in hospital at the time of publication. I am sorry that's did not visit any of you , if you visited and commented on mine thank you. 
I am resuming normal service this week.

Ok we are on week eight of this round of alphabet Thursday. Today I am focusing on the my wonderful Daughter Hannah.

Hannah arrived in the world on February 27h 1991.
Her full name Is Hannah Frances Ianthe Cook

Quite a mouth full I know.
 I particularly liked the name Ianthe and if I had had my way it would have been her first name. The best thing about this name is that it is the feminine of Ian her father also a combination of Theresa which is where Tracy comes from .
It is also a violet coloured flower.and the name of the queen of the fairies in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera.
So as you can see a beautiful name .

I did not realise at the time but she has truly beautiful names and she is truly beautiful and very natural. Hannah is not only beautiful but she is tall at 6ft 2 in she towers over me by a good 3 inches.
Yes I have bragged about my stunning daughter and the biggest reason apart from being honest , is because she has been there through 4 spinal operations and all the implications .

 Hannah loves to bake and this was the afternoon Tea that Hannah and Elizabeth made for Becky

These are  Hannahs favourite Drinks

My next H is for my first grandson Harry. 
Harry  John Cook was born on Boxing Day 2011. He is adorable but I am  biased.
I am respecting my son and daughter in laws requests not to have photographs on my blog , but trust me he has a mop of blond curls and is delightful. At 19 months he is now at my favourite age . An age that he is like a sponge.

Other H's in. My life are Henry age 7 a neighbour, Henrietta 13? A friends daughter.Harold one of the older members of church .There are a number of H pets two Harry's one a  a dog and two cats .

So that is it for me this week.i am just popping over to see what Jenny has too offer from her other bloggers.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

G is not for Edenhouse

This is my favourite day of Blog World . Alphabet Thursday . This round I have decided to focus on names. After all I have 5 children with  18 names between them and then there are 3 in laws with at least 6 names plus 2 grandsons with 4 names so that gives me 28 names to use , not to mention my many friends and extended family.

Well this week I am scratching my head ( no 8 do not have flees) as there Are no G's in my actual family .
In my extended family my friends has a grandson called George he lives in Perth real water people sailing to his hearts content.

George was born on Christmas Eve same as my second daughter.

I have a friend in Manchester called Georgina  I was childminder to her daughter and we then became great friends.

It would be very remiss of me not to mention George my daughter's cat a ginger boy who is boss around the place, unless he comes to my house then he pretends to be scared of my dog.

Well that's my offering 
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Saturday Centus

Wow another week has gone by and it's time for Saturday Centus.
As my American family and friends celebrate 4th July our friend and inspirer Jenny has  given us the stars and stripes flag to muse on.
So here is my contribution .

 stood and stared at the site before my eyes, how on earth could this have happened.
My cousins have always told me how respect exited the Stars and Stripes.
It seemed to me that the Americans show much more respect to their flag and national anthem.
I would be surprised if many children who leave school today in England know the words to our National Anthem, I mean I have to admit even  I don't know the words past the second verse.
Anyway back to the picture how could somebody destroy the Stars and Stripes , maybe an old flag.  

Happy Fourth of July Everyone. And please once read my offering and hopefully left a comment please pop by to Jenny and see what else is on offer