Tuesday, 2 July 2013

G is not for Edenhouse

This is my favourite day of Blog World . Alphabet Thursday . This round I have decided to focus on names. After all I have 5 children with  18 names between them and then there are 3 in laws with at least 6 names plus 2 grandsons with 4 names so that gives me 28 names to use , not to mention my many friends and extended family.

Well this week I am scratching my head ( no 8 do not have flees) as there Are no G's in my actual family .
In my extended family my friends has a grandson called George he lives in Perth real water people sailing to his hearts content.

George was born on Christmas Eve same as my second daughter.

I have a friend in Manchester called Georgina  I was childminder to her daughter and we then became great friends.

It would be very remiss of me not to mention George my daughter's cat a ginger boy who is boss around the place, unless he comes to my house then he pretends to be scared of my dog.

Well that's my offering 
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Rocky Mountain Woman

Great g post - love gingery George...

Debra @ Homespun

LOL! I love the ginger cat

I certainly winged it this week for "G" hastily posting a few flowers on Wordless Wednesday with "Garden" in the title

Well it is the 4th of July here coming up and a busy week so far so I tried at least :) YOU did far better than me, that is for sure :)

Betty (picture circa 1951)

That cat looks like a George. You came up with some G names!


ahh, george, always reminds me of the tv show where the guy george always gets in trouble with his wife. nice alhpabe-thursday.

hope you have a sweet day.


What an adorable ginger kitty!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Ginger George has saved the day!
I like that first pic with the wrought iron shaped like a G!


Well, it turns out that you have a good supply of 'G' names in your extended family and friends!


George is a nice-looking cat!


Gotta love a ginger cat named George!



Nice idea, writing about names!
Thanks for visiting mine too.


I think I would like a Grandson named George. Or Henry.

I hope you are feeling better every day Miss T!

And I thank you for the great link for the letter "G".


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