Wednesday, 10 July 2013

H is not for Edenhouse

I need to start this week with an apology . Last week I was in hospital at the time of publication. I am sorry that's did not visit any of you , if you visited and commented on mine thank you. 
I am resuming normal service this week.

Ok we are on week eight of this round of alphabet Thursday. Today I am focusing on the my wonderful Daughter Hannah.

Hannah arrived in the world on February 27h 1991.
Her full name Is Hannah Frances Ianthe Cook

Quite a mouth full I know.
 I particularly liked the name Ianthe and if I had had my way it would have been her first name. The best thing about this name is that it is the feminine of Ian her father also a combination of Theresa which is where Tracy comes from .
It is also a violet coloured flower.and the name of the queen of the fairies in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera.
So as you can see a beautiful name .

I did not realise at the time but she has truly beautiful names and she is truly beautiful and very natural. Hannah is not only beautiful but she is tall at 6ft 2 in she towers over me by a good 3 inches.
Yes I have bragged about my stunning daughter and the biggest reason apart from being honest , is because she has been there through 4 spinal operations and all the implications .

 Hannah loves to bake and this was the afternoon Tea that Hannah and Elizabeth made for Becky

These are  Hannahs favourite Drinks

My next H is for my first grandson Harry. 
Harry  John Cook was born on Boxing Day 2011. He is adorable but I am  biased.
I am respecting my son and daughter in laws requests not to have photographs on my blog , but trust me he has a mop of blond curls and is delightful. At 19 months he is now at my favourite age . An age that he is like a sponge.

Other H's in. My life are Henry age 7 a neighbour, Henrietta 13? A friends daughter.Harold one of the older members of church .There are a number of H pets two Harry's one a  a dog and two cats .

So that is it for me this week.i am just popping over to see what Jenny has too offer from her other bloggers.


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Hannah is lovely and that tea looks scrumptious!!


Hi Tracy ~~ I do hope that you are feeling better now. Your daughter and grandson Harry are needing you to be well.

As I read along I was thinking of my comment. It it still is this, but you beat me to the punch:
Not only is Hannah a beautiful names but she is also such a beautiful young lady.

You said she is tall, 6'2". I have noticed that a lot of the young ladies here in London are very much taller than those in the U.S. You must feed them better while they are growing up.

One of my phobias is getting on an elevator with a woman taller than I am. Or having one come on with me. I will press the button and get off on the next floor.


Hoping you are better now.
Your DD is beautiful.


6ft 2? I would like to be as tall as Hannah. You've a beautiful daughter.

hope you have a great day.


What a beautiful young woman. The name Ianthe is quite lovely!
The tea table looks fabulous also!
Great H post.


Love the party food! What a cook she is? Are those marshmallows in the cup?

Betty (picture circa 1951)

Hannah is beautiful. Yes, I wondered what she was drinking too?


Hannah is a beautiful name! And what a beautiful girl!

That's quite a bowl she's drinking from!

Thanks for a happy link for the letter 'H'.

I hope your healing continues!

Hugs and A+

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