Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Saturday Centus

Wow another week has gone by and it's time for Saturday Centus.
As my American family and friends celebrate 4th July our friend and inspirer Jenny has  given us the stars and stripes flag to muse on.
So here is my contribution .

 stood and stared at the site before my eyes, how on earth could this have happened.
My cousins have always told me how respect exited the Stars and Stripes.
It seemed to me that the Americans show much more respect to their flag and national anthem.
I would be surprised if many children who leave school today in England know the words to our National Anthem, I mean I have to admit even  I don't know the words past the second verse.
Anyway back to the picture how could somebody destroy the Stars and Stripes , maybe an old flag.  

Happy Fourth of July Everyone. And please once read my offering and hopefully left a comment please pop by to Jenny and see what else is on offer 



To be honest, it's been years since I've been in school (other than online courses via community college) and it's five years since my son graduated high school. But I'm not sure how many American youth know our national anthem either. I'm kind of jaded on our entire educational system. Public schools don't get the funding they need, especially in poor areas. Going to college is becoming unbelievably costly as well. Interest rates on student loans are going up to nearly 7%. My son is going to med school. By the time he's done, he'll probably have $100,000 in student loans. People think that doctors all make a killing, but the truth is, while doctors make a higher than average salary, most of them aren't rich.
Sorry to go off on a rant. I think it would be safe to say that while both of our countries are good overall, they could also both stand great improvement in certain areas. I certainly don't think it's being treasonous to point out the faults in one's nation.
I think the picture is an old flag that's been tattered in the wind, not one that was blatantly vandalized.


I think the grass must always seem greener on the other side of the pond.

I always felt the exact same way about YOUR FLAG AND your COUNTRY.

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