Tuesday, 16 July 2013


There is a lady in my life called Sylvia, well factually she is now a memory as yesterday at 1:45pm she peacefully left this world for what ever follows.

Sylvia was born on August 10th around 1926. She cam into my life circa 1974 when I was a mere 11 year old child.

Just a short 5 years later Sylvia became a mum to me you see my mum died.
Mum and Sylvia met as teenagers I dont know much of their story just that they were very beautiful ladies.

As mums best friend it was to sylvia that Mum turned when she knew she was coming home poorly. Little did Sylvia know what she would end up with after the death of my mum on Februay 20th 1979.

After mum's death we travelled down to Ongar in Essex I was loved and prepared to travel back to Kings Lynn for mums funeral a hard time obviously.

Since that date Sylvia has watched and shared the changes in my life.
I was married in 1984 sadly Sylvia could not be there, but when each of my children arrived she was thrilled as any potential grandmother would be.

Sylvia came up occasionally and I travelled down to her with one or two of the children.
Sylvia was a pillar of the community and would help anyone with anything she could .

sadly most of Sylvias friends died before her and I think tha last few years have been very sad for her attending funerals.

This post is not a grammatically correct piece it is judt a place for me to spill out my thoughts nor is it a photo galary.

This is all I want to say for now so Bye


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