Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Food week 2

I was going to call my Friday. Posts Fat Fridays but that kind of defeats the object of trying to lose weight and maybe encourage others.
I have just weighed and am 19st 6lb that is  a loss of 3lb.
I have been keeping my food intake in IPad  diary, and to be honest being honest is the best thing about dieting and that is being HONEST.

Before I would kid myself that I was eating healthily and on the surface I was but underneath the healthy food was the rubbish, sugar and fat filled JUNK . This junk was not needed and the adage a minute on your lips a life on your hips is so true.

I was trying to kid myself  that the odd bar here or biscuit there would do no harm, but after 26 years of yo yo dieting I realised this had to stop.

I am not saying it has been easy, it has not, yes I have been tempted and a couple of times I have given into temptation, but this first week I have been good.

That is not to say that next week will be the same, I liken it to somebody who smokes, when they want to quit they have to take it a day at a time as with an alcoholic .
Any life change has to be done a step at a time unless it is the lottery win then I guess I could blow a few thousand quite easily.
I am as well as I can following low GI , now I have not won the lottery so can't go out and buy all new GI low food as I do have food in my house that needs consuming first.

But I have got rid of all the Christmas junk  like extra chocolate and biscuits..
My day is basically oats for breakfast, meat sandwich and yogurt  for lunch followed by supper which at the moment is pasta, rice or potato based meal. Once these staples have been finished I will swap them for whole meal pasta and brown rice.
I am lucky that I love salad and vegetables so hopefully this will what keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Ok well it is time for breakfast  see you next week.


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