Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 1 week 1

Ok I am starting to eat in a new way . Over Christmas I stood on the scales and weighed in at a wopping 20 st 3lb or 283lbs
now considering that I am 5ft 11 that is awful.
The crunch time came when Becky my eldest daughter came round , having been for a hospital appt saying she needed to get down to a BMI of 29.
I have a whole lifetime of grandchildren ahead of me and i want to be the fit one rolling disgracefully down a grass hill with them.
I want to be able to get on the floor and build towers with them.
I am the only one who puts food into my mouth , I need to learn willpower.

Now the starting point is this morning at 8am when I weighed myself.
I weighed in at 19st 9lbs

For my birthday I was given a voucher for Evans which I have found out that I can use at Dorothy Perkins my goal is to buy something in a size 16 this year.

If any readers have any GI tips please let me know and share.
See you next Friday .



Oh I am glad I kept reading your posts!I too need to take off a bunch of weight. I was doing great when we walked then we had a horrible cold spell! We are hoping when we get our taxes filed and get our refund that we can join the gym our son goes to. I am bad with bread and sweets. SO I have to find a way to stop! I wish you well and I am going to join you. We can encourage each other!
Have a great weekend!


Tracy! I am having a difficult time finding where to read your posts on this format!

I'm trying to visit! I don't want you to think I'm being rude!

Happy Tuesday!

Jenny Matlock
For Alphabe-Thursday!

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