Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year

Well it is. January 1st 2013 and I have a mixed feeling.
Whilst 2012 was physically challenging for me, it was a year that I was richly blessed .
It was the year my first Grandchild turned one and I got the exciting news that there was going to be another Cook baby. The biggest event was that of Elizabeth and James getting married, a day that was celebrated in a beautiful way.

                           My thoughts as I start the new year.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas
My trusty scales replied to me
Fairest Tracy  you can see
The food you ate
The wine you drank
The toffees you chewed
The cake you scoffed
The mince pies you munched
The fruit you forgot
The nuts you cracked
The chips you grazed
The cream you poured
Have all taken their toll
You now weigh far to much
To wear the gifts you got.

So fruit is in
 Carbohydrates out
Salad in
Chocolate out
Water in
Alcohol out
Waistband in
Not out
Moderation is the word to avoid the scales wrath.
Happy New year. To one and all.

My hopes for 2013 are

A slimmer me
A happy 50th party
A new grandchild
More blogging.
And who knows what else God sends in my direction


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