Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alphabet Thursday ........G

Ok it is Thursday again and that can mean only one thing for me and that  is Alphabet Thursday.
Today I am linking with Jenny please pop over and say hi she does not bite.

Ok G well my first instinct is to go for Granma but sadly I am not permitted to put photos of my gorgeous grandson Harry, what I can share o is that in a few short weeks he will be getting a brother or sister, exciting times.
One thing I have attempted to do is photograph Harry every Monday since he was born I am nearly through making his album , just need first birthday picture . That way when he is older he can see how he grew so quickly.

On other theme for G wold have to be God.Again there are no photos for God as everybody has their own idea about what he looks like.
Without wishing to get into a great debate about religion I will just say that for me if it was not for answered prayer I know I would be in a totally different place now.

Ok I am going to call it a ya there as I can't seem to upload any pictures and its quite boring without them.

Happy reading


Lady In Read

nice G post.. mine is goals..


So pleased to read (over at my place)about the great cooking traditions passed down in your family!

Happy A-Thursday!


Lovely G post - I adore the idea of taking a photo of a baby once a week for its first year! What a special gift that album will be for your grandson.


What a great idea, taking weekly pictures of your grandson! Great G post.


What a wonderful idea to take a weekly photo! That album is going to be much appreciated! And, as for answered prayers - sometimes we think the prayers go unheard. In fact, they were heard, but the answer we wanted isn't the one we got. And, sometimes, it takes a while, but that turns out to be for the best!
Great G posts.


I love the idea of the weekly photo! Our latest Grandson is expected Mid-March! I'm going to try and remember this idea!

The picture problem on blogger isn't too great is it? I like photos, too!

Thanks for great (albeit picture-less) link for the letter "G".


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