Wednesday, 4 September 2013

O No P is not for .........................Edenhouse

Oh No I did not post last week, partly because I know noone with O name and partly as I was in holiday mode with my partner.
Normal service is resuming this week tho.


Now who can I think of with a P , well firstly I will have to remember my amazing Aunt Pat

This is  way before she got the dreaded "C" sadly she died two years ago and is still much missed by many people.

There is a Peter too he died way to soon .

I know a Paul he is an amazing christian musician .
I have a new friend called Phillipa , she is a friend of my new partener .
I think if I ever hava new animal I would like to call it Pip , there is a Pip in a reading scheme here and Pip is one of the charachters just love the name .
Pauline is a lovely lady who trained as a minister and is now somewhere in Yorkshire I think.

Well thats it I have completeted the task set by Miss Jenny over here at Alphabet Thursday .
I look forward to reading what P's you have come up with. See you in the Q next week .



Simply stunning lights in B & W! Excellent photos!

Wandering Wren

Your letter P is lovely - rope and beautiful wood a great combination.
I'm a Newbie here so have enjoyed your Blog - love the 50 things about me and like you even more to know this is a work in progress like my entire blog... I hope my post this week gives you a giggle!!


I love the way you've chosen to use this round of Alphabe-Thursday as a tribute to the wonderful people you know and those you've lost too soon. Lovely.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Sounds like you have known some wonderful "P" people! I had an Aunt Pauline and two cousins named Patricia!


not p names but then again, I don't really know anyone with p name anyhow.

thanks for sharing them. hope you have a sweet day.


This made me think of all the lovely people I know with names beginning in 'P'. There are many - so thank you!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

What a clever photo to go with your p post!

AS to animals long ago I had a PIPPIN ( Black ) and FRODO ( white ) :)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

What a clever photo to go with your p post!

AS to animals long ago I had a PIPPIN ( Black ) and FRODO ( white ) :)


love the O and P letter pics! And, what a nice way to remember family and friends, both here and there. I, too, think the name Pip would be lovely for a dog!!


I like your photograph for the letter "O" and the letter "P"...

There are a lot of pleasant, "P" named people in your life...

This was a perfect post!

Thanks for linking.



Hmmm... The only "O" name I can think of in my life right now is my dog, Oskar...

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