Thursday, 22 August 2013

N is not for......... Edenhouse

Could somebody please tell me where the summer has gone, not because we have experienced awful weather, totally the opposite in fact.No I mean how can it be nearly September ?
We are over half way through this round of Alphabet Thursday already , scary soon we will be discussing the C event well I know for my American family and freinds Halloween and Thanksgiving are major events first for you.
Any way back to today and the task in hand, the letter N now if you have read my blog before you will know that this round I am focusing on people. This week has me stumped I know no Nigels  or Neils or Noras or Natalies but I do know a Nathaniel he his the fourth son of friends of mine at 22 he is not a child by any means .
The only other N that comes to mind was my ex Mother in Law and wonderful Nanny to my children .Sadly she died 3 years ago .

Well thats me short and hopefully sweet post today.
It just leaves me to say "pop over to see Jenny " I am shure there are many more posts full of many different subjects . See you next week .


Cathy Kennedy

I should have thought to use names as a prompt. My daughter's name begins with "N". N as is Nicole. She's sweetest as nectar! Sadly, she's all grown up.

Hopping over from Miss Jenny's classroom!

Debra at HOMESPUN:

My youngest's name is Nathaniel! :)


My favorit N name is Nina!


Creative way to do the alphabet ~ thanks, carol, xo

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

Well, Nathaniel will just have to carry the weight this week!! My post is about a family member too -- my granddaughter Noli!

Rocky Mountain Woman

I am having problems dealing with the fact that my summer is almost gone also...


I know a couple of very cool Nate's.



My mother's name is Norma. I didn't think to use her for my post, or the idea of Nanny - what a great idea, and a lovely one.

Pam Beers.

Nick Thomas has a fun blog called Along These Lines.

Scudds Harrison

Oh yay! The summer is up here :)


I feel summer slipped by as well.


Summer's still scorching onwards here in S Spain - phew!

*N*ice post!


Not a lot of names that start with "N" in your circle...

I can not think of a lot of "N" names in my circle either... Weird!

Nice job for the letter "N" though!

Thanks for linking.


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