Friday, 16 August 2013

Blank Page

Blank Page

Dear Reader,
thank you for visiting. I hope that my blog does not look like a blank page.
I love blogging, I long to have a whole new circle of friends through blogging .
We are a group of people who are not really likely to meet I compare it to the days when I was a child and had penpals, I dutifully wrote a letter each week and most weeks Pam would write back to each other, Sadly I lost contact with her.
If I had taken time to writte to Pam asking her a few questions maybe and telling her what I had been doing, I would be so dissapointed if I never got a reply.
That is how I am feeling about blogging.
I looked in my stats and aw that I have had over 10,--- visits if only I had that many comments.
Hang on a minute I hear you say, I have not seen you visit my blog. I know I am being a Hypocrite, I am guilty of popping by and leaving no comment but from today I promise I will leave a comment .

I would also like to build up my followers , my old blog had 50 followers I only have 20 here, so either I am boring, in which case I need to know or people just dont want to be by follower
Okay well I am off to visit some bloggs
hope to see you soon



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