Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sue Rater a good life companion

Well it is week 176 of Saturday Centus and oh what a task is set before me I have to write about a word but cant use it , now we all know that when you cant use a word you want to use it, it’s a bit like being on  a diet and wanting chocolate .




A few years ago I met a lovely lady called Sue Rater , Nothing was ever to much for her she was really a brilliant person.

One day I needed some help sorting an out fit out , Sue Rater came to my rescue  and helped me compile a beautiful outfit.

On another occasion Sue Rater was there again when I needed my garden doing .

I am sure that everyone has a Sue Rater in their life .

Sue Rater  is there as a wonderful part of my life  I hope you have a Sue Rater in your life.



Ok well I hope you have enjoyed my little story and introduced you to someone special .have you worked out what she is?

Please pop over to see what others have come up with here



I could certainly use a treasure like that. Lucky you.

Wandering Wren

Gosh - How clever are you? This would take me all day to think of what to write about!
I'm sure Sue treasures your friendship too - oops am I not supposed top mention the T word in my comments either?!!!

Little wandering red-faced Wrenx


How the heck did you think of this?

I definitely need a Sue in my life!

She does sound like a treasure!

How lucky for the both of you!

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