Friday, 6 September 2013

Time for change

OK as some of you may know Hannah and I are trying to downsize.
I am trying to move my office into a wine box

Trust me I need to downsize

Ok a few weeks ago I approached a Blogger who agreed to put the challenge out there to blog land.The original post is over here .

There were a few good ideas there so I embarked on this project with ideas whizzing round my brain and have come to a standstill .
The two boards in the lid I want as a blackboard and the other as a padded notice board that I can either pin things to or slip notes in

I have decided to just have a small selection of card making things they are in the small pink tin , under my address book. The pencil case is obvious . I have put top and bottom of iphone box as storage. there are also a couple of plastic screw top pots one is three layers that has paper clips drawing pins and mini bull dog clips.
The black jack tin has blue tac scissors and memory stick. There is a pack of tissues and screen wipes oh and post it notes.
now to fix it all in place and look lovely .
This is where your help comes in .
Please give me some ideas.


Ellora Drinnen

Hi Tracy! I love that wine box! It looks so vintage and the things one could create with it!I'd use mine for craft supply storage for sure! There is so much you could do with your box. You could paint it, but I really like the designs on the box and wouldn't want to lose that originality. For the inside, I might consider lining it in fabric or paper... maybe even paint the inside a bright cheery color. What a great idea Tracy!! Keep us posted on how it turns out! :)

Tracy Cook

Thank you looking for liner today

Wandering Wren

Hi Tracey

Looking forward to seeing the end result for your new Office storage - I just love those Iphone boxes I am using them in my desk!!

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