Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Happy Birthday Rebecca Beryl Eileen Taylor

Let me introduce you to my eldest child , Rebecca  she was born 1460 weeks ago today , that means she has had 10226 nights sleep  I will leave you to work out her age.
Seriously Having Rebecca or Becky, Boo or anything else she might get called, has been an amazing journey and learning curve. Even after all these years and the 4 siblings that followed I still don't think I have earned a degree in parenting, although now I am in the grandparent Class.
Being a parent is like climbing a mountain, for example imagine you're climbing Everest .
First of all when you attempt the climb you have to train for the endurance that is needed.
In most cases becoming a parent there is minimal training offered except learning to bath and do diapers, these skills do not help you when your two year old is having a full blown tantrum in the supermarket!!!
Trust me I have been there Moore than one occasion and not just the once.
I would say that a sense of humour is neded 
A bucket load of patience is essential
The ability to laugh and love unconditional is important.

Anyway more about my daughter her names are in the post title
Rebecca is the name we chose , Eileen was her paternal grandmothers name , Beryl was the name of my Mother who sadly died before Becky was born .
Taylor is her married surname she is married to Carl a really calm ,man who tolerates the loud family that his wife is part of. He copes with her natural ability to be untidy , she inherited that from me .
Se inherited her amazing ability to cook from her maternal great grandmother. Becky can be relied on  to prepare a meal, a buffet or just a snack that is amazing.

I find it amazing how traits are past through the generations , Becky has the dark hair of her maternal grandmother the untidiness of her mother , the gentleness of her father  and the open house nature of her mother.

When the time is right Becky and Carl will make amazing parents and so the process starts again 
That's what I have learned today 
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