Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday Pirate Centus

well it is Saturday Centus once again. This week dear Jenny has given us a pirate theme what fun . As I am not familiar with "pirate speak" I popped over to HERE and had my words translated free.
I am sure any literay genius would pick fault with my mishmash of words attempting to be a poem but here goes oh I have used the prompt as the title hope this is not considered cheating .


"Argh Matey" 

"Captain Tracy Cook here me hearty

Time you crew t' note t' sign “No Farty”

 You’ll walk t' plank with no “excuse me”

And find t' pirate eatn sharky ".
,"t' weather be dry with rain t' follow

 lets put down t' anchor and visit that land"

,"well find t' gold and have a meal "

,"for me its chips and eel "
,"With t' anchor down

And rowin' boats ready

T' greedy crew

 Set o' t' t' land "

,"Greed in their eaye

And hunger in their bellies

All they wanted was rum punch

 And roast shark for lunch "
well this is my offering for the 160th week of the centus. PLEASE pop over to see our amazing Captain here  otherwise I will make you walk the plank.


Karen S.

Oh yay, roasted shark! Yikes, but that is the life of a pirate, aye matey!


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I would have to die. I couldn't eat the eel or the shark, lol. Loved this.


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I love you!

You are so clever and funny and always such a good sport!

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