Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Market Drayton Medical Practice

yesterday I had cause to use my Medical Centre in Market Drayton.
I woke up feeling quite yucky and the thought of getting up to go have some blood taken did not thrill me.
Never the less I was not about to waste the appointment.

Whilst sat waiting a middle aged ( the age nor gender is really relevant) man started moaning about the centre and waiting time.
Now I can see his point in a way as he was 15 minutes late and he had to get to work but he was going into see the nurse at no cost.

This is right next  to Doctors.

Now compare this to my friend , whose son ws involved in a car accident in South Africa. He was taken to a public hospital.
When his mother arrived he was in a bad way physically also his sheets were dirty and when his mother wanted to speak to his DR she had to join a queue at 7am get a ticket and basically hope she was lucky, day 2 she managed to see the Dr .
eventually after a lot of trauma Mum decided to move her son to a private hospital nearer to home.
Once having driven him for 6 hours she arrived only to find out her sons condition was worse than been told or treated for.

The cost is going to be £thousands.

Returning to my day I had bloods taken  ended up speaking to then seeing a dr given a prescription  and came home all this in a four hour period and free,

Going back to my initial thought about the man and my reason for this blog post , whilst I can fully appreciate that we live in a rush rush society, we need to be patient and understand that the nurses are there to help us and maybe her previous patient  needed a bit more care. Later that day I spent half an hour with my GP then 20 minutes with a nurse it certainly makes me appreciate that I have a great Medical set up.
I know that the wider picture is not great and cutbacks affect us all .

sorry for wittering on .

I would like to say Thank you to all the staff at the Centre .



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