Wednesday, 8 May 2013

y is for ......... Edenhouse

ok here we are again it is Alphabet Thursday time this week we are charged with the lovely letter Y
I wanted to introduce you to the YOUNGEST member of the family , baby Arthur William born on May 1st but I am respecting his parents wishes of no photos online.
So instead I have decided to look around and see what I can see that is
yellow .
This was a card from a friend who with her two young sons had returned from life in Florida following leaving her husband. I went over to visit with activity things for the boys.

This Knitted Duck was from my Grandson it had an egg in the body and I have just discovered a mini egg in the head Result

This is my favourite in yellow it is an angel made from a dishcloth. it is edged in pearls and red bow round her neck. It was made by a friend who I have just got to know.

Now I know that some people think that a weed is a miss placed plant not me I dislike dandelions immensely especially as my lawn  is covered in them

This is like a field near my home it is rape seed and the smell is so strong , I cant walk across field when in flower .

There are many other things I could have included like Birds custard, yellow pepper, bananas, and then there are members of the squash family and finally tomatoes yes they do come in yellow.
Well I am off to see what others have come up with if you fancy joining me in class pop over to see Jenny .



Welcome to the newest member of your family. Enjoy him and I hope his life is filled with things that are beautiful and bright and sunny, like the photos you have shared with us.


I love this magical field of flowers, exquisite!

A Creative Harbor

Yes, welcome to your new family person ~ lots of hugs to all ~ Lovely yellow items and great photos ~ Love the little angel and chick ^_^

thanks for visiting.


Totally endorse VBR's comment above - all the very best to him in the future!

Lovely photos.

Rocky Mountain Woman

Babies! They are the very best part of life!


My husband is another dandelion hater. He pulls them up every time he sees one!


Scudds Harrison

Lovely flowers :) Welcome to the new addition!

All the best x


You did good with the yellow, Tracy. I did Yellow Cars last go around in 2012. This time I wish there was a color that started with "Z" for me to use.


Welcome to your newest family member! *Joy!*
I think that my favourite yellow container would be the Bird's Custard tin.

Debra @ Homespun

That dishcloth doll is so cute! I've never seen one before. Have a great weekend! :)

Naperville Now

what does rapeseed smell like? what a gorgeous field.



I've never seen an angel washcloth but that is just the cutest thing!

Babies (and everything related to them!) are always so yummy, aren't they?

Thanks for linking!




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