Monday, 27 May 2013

Another 100 words.

Ok I have joined in another Meme . I love these chances to use 100 words to create something worth reading. I am no literary scholar and I am sure you will find grammatical errors , but I hope you will enjoy.
So here we go this is the words I have to include.

There’s always a sting in the tail

What a beautiful day the  sun was shining and sky was blue no better day for a picnic.
It had become a family tradition that both our extended families would gather  twice a year. Once in June for the picnic  and again in December for a barn dance with visit from Santa .

I had made a huge mixed salad with mosaic bottles of Ranch , Caesar and French dressing.

I am so proud to have been accepted into this huge family.
And then I saw him on the arm of a cousin my ex.

There's always a sting in the tail.

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Wanda Bates

The poor cousin. She won't know she's been duped until it's too late. We never want to know.
I'll have Caesar, thanks.


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That must have been a very difficult situation.


Ex's - I've no use for them. That's why I plan on keeping my count down to two... =)

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