Thursday, 30 May 2013

B is for .............., Edenhouse

Ok here we are again ready for round seven letter B.Thank you Jenny for all your hard reviews I guess that those of us that get an A+ are extremely lucky lol
As I said last week I am using this round to share with you people who are special to me either family or friends , I would like to say now that if on a particular let you are not mentioned please forgive me.

Ok so,I am on the second letter of the alphabet B pronounced Bee.
Now this lovely letter is the second of our Alphabet but I want to tell you about my first child Becky.
On May 22nd 1985 I was blessed with the safe arrival of Rebecca Beryl Eileen  
She has been a real challenge Blessing , I love her dearly but feel I should always be apologising to her even tho she is 28, I am sure I made loads of mistakes with her being the first. But Becky has survived and is now happily married to Carl her husband best friend and soul mate.

It would be remiss if I did not mention Beauty Grandad AKA Bob here

This is my father who sadly died two years ago. He was an ace grandad.
My final B is Beryl My Mum. She died in 1979  and missed being a grandma by two months .
She always said she wanted to be a Grandma and I always said that I would be Granma when the time came, well as you know I am now a privelaged granma to two boys.
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so sorry your mom missed her big chance, but at least your dad made up for her. Neither my sister or I have kids, so it was my big brother who made my mom a grandma! {:-Deb

Rocky Mountain Woman

I am sad she never had the experience because it's just the best thing ever being a Grandma...


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Sweet post. Isn't it wonderful to be a Grandma? I think it's just the best part of life.


Very nice B's!


Wow. You have an absolutely beautiful family...

Becky looks breathtaking in her dress...

Thanks for sharing the people near your heart with us.

Brilliant job!


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