Thursday, 20 June 2013

E is for .......not just Edenhouse

Wow we are at E already in alphabet Thursday and I could not pass the opportunity to share with you my second daughter. Elizabeth Victoria Marie entered the world on 24th December 1986 weighing in at 10lb 15oz.

Elizabeth is an amazing Daugher but she was an even more amazing granddaughter .

As far as we knew she had not been named after anybody but it seems that some of her names are in the history of my family.
Before Liz was born we had selected Pottential God parents for her one of them is called Elizabeth and also was born on the same date.
Elizabeth is an amazing daughter sister aunt and friend but her most important role todate is that of wife. Liz married James in 2012 .
And finally Elizabeth is a paediatric nurse 

I know people with the following E names.
Ella -friends dog
Emma - Godmother to my youngest grandson
Eileen - wonderful neighbour as caring as a mother.

Well I guess that is all my E names .
Oh whoops I have forgotten my house name . Eden House was chosen by a very good friend of mine. He came up with Eden as it had a bran new garden and my family were the first to live in it.So Edenh Ouse seemed appropriate and I use it for loads of things .

Ok well that really is me done till next week . Please pop by and made Jenny I am sure that the rest of her class have come up with some good Bloggs to check out.




Elizabeth sounds like an exceptional young lady... She has a lot of exciting things going on for her right now.

I always enjoy exploring the lives of people you know!

Excellent post for the letter "E"!

Thanks for linking.


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