Sunday, 9 June 2013

100 Books

Ok I am a reader , well sometimes I am a reader other times I am a scanner.
WhenI was about 7 my mother realised that I could not read.
I had developed a brilliant skill of being able to tell a very plausable story just by looking at pictures. Even now I love saturday Centus sometimes there is just a picture clue and I have 100 words to make a story.
Any way getting back to my literary skills. Any way one day not sure when or how but my mother discovered the awful truth that her daughter could not read.

So at this table in the dining room of 120 Gaywood Road Kings Lynn Norfolk England I began the journey that taught me to read, and for that I am now very grateful.This table is now in the house of my eldest daughter Rebecca. I am quite sure if it could talk there would be a whole load of stories it could tell but thats another post maybe.

Like most children of the 60s/70s we were taught to read using Janet and John books. This one on the top I actually remember reading .
The time that my mum spent teaching me to read was not wasted because now I have a huge love of books
Once I had mastered reading I soon worked my way through book after book . And eventually after reading all that Janet and John had to offer me I moved on to dear Old Enid Blyton.

I was not very interested in the wishing tree and Noddy books but loved Famous five and Malory towers books

These were followed by  Twins at St Clare's books.

Another set of adventures at boarding school.

I used to love going to stay in Sharpthorn Sussex during the holidays  firstly it was a huge adventure and  then more importantly because my aunt Jean used to give me money to go to the post office in the village and buy a book . Sadly I dont have these books anymore. I do how ever have my Hamlyn all colour bible

This is no tmy actual copy , mine is very precious to me for a number of reasons . The first one is because it has my Mothers handwriting in and next because that is where I first leant about God and Jesus .
So as you can see I have a love of books. The reason I have started this post is because I am moving soon and I have decided to try and reduce my books to one hundred.
To some that may seem easy to others impossible.
Now I have over thats four years reduced my library by hundreds .
Now comes the crunch How do I decide what books to keep what to loose .I have already done this excersise a number of times on each bookshelf  but each time a few more books leave my home.

If any body has any ideas on this please help me because it is so hardwood when you love books.


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