Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dear Mum

OK it has taken me a while to decide how to write this centus. I thought at the time oh it will be easy. That was until I started reading what everyone else has written.
Thank you Jenny for allowing me this space, also thank you to those that have contributed your posts are awesome, and have made me cry.
Losing a parent at 16 is very hard , but you don't realise until adult hood how hard.
In 1979 I was a very Naive child and yes I was still a child not like my children that hit 16 with hormones flowing wildly.
Any way her is my letter to my mum. When you have read please pop by to Jenny's place and see how others have contributed to her blog.
Like many in blog land my mother and I are perfect strangers to you but you have taken time to say hi.
Bless you

I never knew you as an adult. I only saw you through the eyes of a child I am sure I bought you pain; I know I told you lies.

I know I did not love you everyday we were together.

But Mum I do know that you loved me unconditionally that’s why you made the ultimate sacrifice to allow another mother bring me up.

I like to think you watch me from heaven and know your grandchildren, including the one alongside you.

All I can say now is Thank You Beryl for taking me home

Love You Always
Beryl June Elsdon (Castle) 



Debra @ Homespun

oh my what a lovely heartfelt post / you brought tears to my eyes ...

Visiting from Alpha Thursday but read this one too and it's both sad and uplifting at the same time

Scudds Harrison

I don't know what to say to be honest. This post has touched my heart and I know Beryl is watching over you and her grandchildren :)

Kris Osage

Oh, Tracy, your Mum is smiling from Heaven now...beautifully written !!! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life and the liberty to write from such a loving, heartfelt inspiration...and Thank You Beryl :)

Tracy Cook

thank you for popping by. I am sorry it made you cry. see you again sometime

Tracy Cook

thank you so much.

Tracy Cook

I am so thankful that you commented .


This was beautiful Tracy.

I have such a big lump in my throat reading this.

Sending you a prayer and a hug even though this comment is weeks late!

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