Friday, 15 March 2013

Fillin Friday - no holds barred

Ok this week I have tried to keep control of my eating. The scales did me proud . This morning I weigh in at 19st 5 3/4 lb this means from last meek I have lost 3lb.

when I look at that I think I have done well.
These pounds of fat represent what I have lost since Jan 1st

yes you counted right there are 11 of them. to think I was carrying that a eound is disgusting. Something else that is an eye opener is that if as I stand now I was to go to my wardrobe I guess that over half would not fit me. On account of the fact that I can not afford to buy a new ruck of clothes I better keep going forwards.
If you are joining me on this journey please let me lnow.
I am being totally honest here and it would be great to have your comments.
Tip this week
If allowing a dessert eat with a teaspoon lasts so much longer


Lily Strange

I support anyone's efforts to do as they wish for their body. But I have ceased thinking of any body type as "disgusting." I hated myself for far too many years. I'm glad I found the Health at Every Size philosophy, or I might have hated myself all the way to the grave. I'm fat, and that's okay.

Tracy Cook

Lily thank you so much for your comment. I believe it is up to each individual . I hate the way that fat people are being treated the way they are in the uk especially when it comes to facts about obesity.
I know for me having a huge BMI., fat waist and large numbers on the scales is extremely bad.
I could get cancer and I a sure that it would help my back and knees,to be slimmer , I also know that I would be happier slimmer .
For now I am on this journey and who know where it ends up . I am happy as long as I can loo nice when I go out that is great butiknow I can look better

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