Saturday, 23 March 2013

No green eggs or ham for me.........

It's a picture prompt this week.

Hey Don't be a hater. It's almost Easter, so do with this what you will.

 Number of words:  100

Style of writing: Rhyme 
Additional Pictures: Any


An Egg in a shell
With soldiers to dip
 Eggs in scramble
On slices of toast
Fried in the pan
Sunny side up
Poached with salmon
On English muffin
Benedict style
With hollandaise sauce
Encased in a pie
With sausage meat vest
Hard boiled eggs
Or soft if you prefer
Served with salad
On a hot summer day
The best for me is
Chocolate with filling
Or mini in foil
Painted at Easter
For hiding
And seeking
The bunny has been
And done his job
Food and fun for all
But Please
No Devil eggs for me
or eggs Mimosa

I can not think of anything worse to eat  except maybe a maggot 
I am sorry I have broken the rule or ignored the teacher ( nothing new there) I could not make a rhyme  .
Please don't feed me Devilled gags as a punishment I would rather do your ironing .

Ok now you know what not to feed me if ever we meet. Please pop over to Miss Jenny who is serving  this delicacy. 


Faycin A Croud

I'm a former EMT and have a strong constitution, but that's something that will get me every time.


I am a big fan of deviled eggs, but I know a few people who are in your court on this one!


Kris Osage

That was so cute, reminded me of the list of ways to eat and cook shrimp in the movie "Forest Gump" and now I am hungry for egg salad in a crisp bed of lettuce or poached eggs on toast with lots of butter...well done !!! :)

~UnSuper Mom~

Enjoyed this! funny how tastes can vary from one person to the next!

Karen S.

I say send her your ironing! Ha! Ha! What a fun little poem that strangely enough has me craving eggs!

Green Speck

Wow ... this was a lovely egg story :-)


Personally I enjoy deviled eggs myself, although I can understand that it is an acquired taste...probably much like maggots. LOL! Thanks for sharing!


This was EGGsactly perfect for the prompt!

I loved your ode to eggs!

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