Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Unique Thumper

Well it is that time of the week again Alphabet Thursday. This week I am tackling the letter U.
Following on from last weeks comments I have decided to dedicate this whole week to Thumper. Yes I know Thumper begins with T but he is Unique.
How many Rabbits do you know that can sit at the table for their supper?
How many Rabbits do you know that can get a tissue when they have a runny nose?
How many of you have your very own living environmental shredder ? Hannah has.
Do you know a rabbit that wears socks? I do
Have you got a rabbit that snuggles a dog?Hannah has
Thumper has a mini wardrobe
He likes roses - the chocolate variety
He picks flower - to eat
He reads the paper and watches the news
He gets into the Christmas spirit
As you can see Thumper is a very Unique rabbit and just incase you think he is overly pampered he does have a run and has been known to go in it albeit rarely.
I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of life with a very unique rabbit.

Please pop over to see Jenny and see what other people have come up with .
Sorry some of the photos are a bit pixilated .


Unique post and some adorable photos ~ loving the animals ^_^

EG CameraGirl

I think I;m in LOVE - with Thumper!


Oh, you really make me want a rabbit now. So cute!


Love the one of Thumper cuddling the puppy. And opening the present. And watching TV. And, okay, all of them! :)


Be careful, Tracy, or you will spoil Thumper. Haha.

Debra @ Homespun

YAY more rabbit pics but LOL I can't stand it. The socks one is killing me...that is just too funny!

Oh he is just adorable!!! :)


Thumper is adorable - he could star in any movie alongside Lola!

Great shots!

Rocky Mountain Woman

Thumper is pretty cute. We had rabbits growing up, but none were as clever as Thumper!


Yes, pretty pictures. I like the rabbit, is extraordinary!


Cute bunny!

I have a friend with a bunny named Thumper as well. She has him on Facebook, as a member.



PS. He even has FB friends...

Naperville Now

Darling Thumper!


I think Thumper is unbelievable cute and deserves every ounce of luxury and pampering!

Thanks for the smile!

This was really an adorable link!


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