Wednesday, 24 April 2013

W is for ..............

Alphabet Thursday this week is up to W. Wonderful windy windy W.

Whilst in Vann last week Victoria and Victor were warmly welcomed into Wilberforce and Wendy's wonderful wayfarer motor home.
What opulent surroundings windows with wide openings dressed in white nets.
We had wonderful waffles with wild berries and double cream. Washed down with WhiteWine from
Walla Walla Washington.

When Wednesday arrived Wendy wondered if  Wilberforce would wander with her to Waterloo way to visit her wackily weirded widowed Aunt Wilma. Poor Wilberforce really would rather watch white paint dry, but was reluctant to say so.

Wilberforce decided that he would take Wendy to Whitehaven travel agent called wanderlust . It was their wedding anniversary in one week .
Wendy wanted to go to Wales but Wilberforce would prefer Western Samoa in the end they willingly  worked out a weekend trip to Wales followed by a wonderful trip to Western Samoa.
When they returned aunt Wilma had wandered off and got lost , she was walking along the wall outside the old Woolworths store where she used to work.
When returned home by the warden she went to bed with her Wwinnie the Pooh bear and dreamed about chasing white rabbits in wonderland .
Alls well that ends well .

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Esther Joy

You had a wonderful time with that letter W, didn't you!


Tracy, you set the record for the number of W's this week, I KNOW!!! This is sooo clever how you worked them all in.

Mrs. Jim and I hope to go to Wales this summer when we come. Besides Britain we have been to Ireland, Scotland, and Isle of Man but not Wales.

I entered a contest to spend (free, the prize) three nights in a YURT in the middle of Wales. I put the entry on my FaceBook. That may cut down on my chances of winning.
We won't stay in a yurt if we don't win.


You had me at wonderful waffles with wild berries. Yum!!

Sandra Tyler

lol. Enjoyed this immensely:)

Scudds Harrison

Aw! I have enjoyed this :)Great W post!


Tracy Cook

Thank you for popping by

Tracy Cook

I love alphabet Thursday

Tracy Cook

I live in shropshire which at some parts you drive in and out of Wales maybe we can meet up if you come good luck with yurt

Tracy Cook

I really enjoyed doing it trying to see if I can link rest of alphabet like this

Tracy Cook

Thank you I enjoyed writing it

Rocky Mountain Woman

I love Walla Walla Wine Women! I love Walla Walla! I love Walla Walla Wine! I love your sweet poem!


Well done!



Wonderful use of the letter W...

It sounds like you had a Wild time...

Thanks for sharing it With us...


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