Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday decluttering

I am a hoarder ,there I have admitted it.  Phew glad I got that. Out in the open.
Now I know I am not the only hoarder in the world and in fact I would say I just can't throw out ok I am a hoarder.
I don't know if you have programs where you are about do goodies who go and clear hoarders homes , do you know what I a mean ?
Well I live with one of those minimalist kinds of people ,in all honesty I think she was infectected by her sister who is uber minimalist.
Yes I live with my daughter and love it but I find the challenge of keeping the house even harder.
I mean come who has a pile of magazines by their favourite chair? 
Well I do but the tidy mafia (only kidding H) don't approve but I am allowed a basket actually I allow myself one basked and it's only small.
Well I have decided that as I am living in a new home I want to change my ways.
So I have started small.
In the kitchen is a set of ikea drawers for bits and bobs bit like a dump it drawer .Well I went to find something and this is what I found so I decided to star small.

This took ten minutes and was not at all painful, it has resulted in organised spaces I gave myself a big pat on the back.

So what can you tackle in your own home that is small but could make a huge difference?
I love to read your comments and would love to start a conversation can you help me in my quest to become a minimalist?


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