Monday, 20 January 2014

My Dad

Well today is Monday 20th January 2014 and what you are about to read is a brief glimpse into a day in January 2011.It tells of my brief thoughts of the day of my fathers funeral
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I showered and dressed as normal, but today is far from normal.
Today is the day that I will be wearing uncomfortable clothes, smart shoes , no jeans or trainers today.
Today there will be much loved music being played kind words said , prayers read songs sung.
Will I cry or not that does not matter , what matters is that today my children will be saying farewell to their much loved  “Beauty Grandad”
A day I dreaded coming, the final stage to the being parentless.
The cars pulled up and as I walked in slowly behind my Father
…it was just a sea of faces…

This is a tribute to My dad Robert Peter Elsdon.Dad and  Beauty Grandad .

Beauty Grandad with his Fab grandchildren

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Ahh this is very touching.

Forest Bird

That's just lovely and I'm sure you gave him a great send-off.

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