Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sewing Sunday

I have for ages been meaning to catch up on some sewing le thanks to a week of appointments in Oswestry i. Took the chance to have five days with some friends. It was lovely I accomplished a number of projects .
One was this talking band .
I went to an amazing fabric shop and purchased as many fun buttons that I could find.I got small and large to broaden language skills  different colours of the same item .i also got some iron on patches to add a different dimension .
Lastly I added bells in a variety of colours to engage noise senses so it's only taste and smell that are not covered.

I purchased 1.5meters of wide webbing .

I started by placing a white heart in the centre and then positioned the iron on patches which I actually stitched on for more strength.

Each button was sewn on so strongly in the hope that they can't be pulled off.
I then attached some bells that were on fine ribbon .
I put loops at the end of the tape so that I will have the option to loop onto things.
The only thing I would say is that this is not a toy to be left unattended.


Finally I rolled it up and put inside this small bag that fits beautifully into the base of my handbag , I am sure it will find its way to other places and provide much talking for the future .
Happy sewing .
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Lorna McMahon

You sure found a lovely variety of cute buttons. Looking good!

Pam @Threading My Way

A great selection of buttons!

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