Wednesday, 22 October 2014

change of season

hello again  for a long time I have been thinking about blogging again well that time has arrived.
I have a new laptop and so blogging will be easier , once I have figured out how to us the pc well enough
Since August I have spent much time praying and thinking about my future. I have had to accept that I am not going to be physically NORMAL, this has involved me revaluating what I should keep in my life and what needs to go believe me it has not been an easy process.
SO what have I kept ?
well my faith is number one followed by family but I have ditched trying to find a soul mate if God intends me to be in a relationship again God will put me in the right place at the right time.
Anyway let me continue I have for 35 years worked with children in one way or another this has inevitably meant that my day had a routine around the school day 9ish to 3ish every day with regular periods of time off.
SO where does that me to now ?
It has led me to decide that I need a routine in my life .
Allowing for my ability this is my week
Monday------Art club am  this is where I can socialise with like minded people and maybe learn to be better artist.
This was my first weeks effort
Tuesdays-----is possibly a trip to Bidgemere  with my daughter in law and grandson plus my daughter with the two children she nannies  occasionally all three daughters will be there , it is lovely to be close and share time together .
Wednesdays ------ this is grandson day to be honest it is actually a very easy day I arrive at their home for 8 15 about 9 Hannah arrives to pick us up and we head off to Gardening club where Becky takes control and I get uninterrupted relaxing time then home for lunch nap then their Mummy arrives home time to chill.
Thursdays ---- hopefully sewing/crafting days
Fridays ----- catching up with friends day
the weekend is a case of see what happens with Sunday church .
The above is the plan but can be flexible .
so as you can see this is my plan oh forgot to add Drs appointments have to be fitted in but thankfully they are not to often at the moment .
I am planning to blog daily and will be looking for refreshing ideas  will gladly accept your ideas .



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