Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Birthday Present

 On Wednesday it is Hannah's 22nd birthday . I can not believe that it is 22 years since that little scrap came into the world. Six weeks early and a bit special. well she need special care for a few days.
Over the years Hannah has shown that she is pretty much a dare devil zorbing, white water rafting etc.
This week she is in Prague with Liz her sister.
While she has been away I have been making , well compiling her birthday gift.
This year I am trying to make ALL my cards and gifts.
Last week a gave my God daughter a scarf I had made and a hand made card she loved them.

Hannah is becoming a very good cake maker All here equipment is currently in a plastic box under the stairs.
So i decided to re purpose a set of Ikea drawers that I had been using for my craft things. This on was actually being used for sewing box but forgot to photograph before starting . I actually have a plan for this one .

These drawers has been painted previously so after a sand down and wipe I was able to paint.
Hannah wants our new kitchen ( we are moving sometime soon) to be purple  well accessories.
This was some leftover Bathroom/ Kitchen paint so perfect for sticky fingers .
I applied first coat allowed to dry for 24 hours sanded lightly re painted . Left for a few more days and have just sanded a couple of drips .
You can just see where I have added lining paper .
The cost for this gift was zero.
I am making her card tonight and so am rather happy that her gifts have been good for my budget.
I am for the first linking with Marie  at Blooming Homestead Crafty Tuesday .
My Crafting is not super duper but loved making .


Marie bloominghomestead

So cute! I love how it turned out. It's amazing what a little paint can do. Thanks so much for coming and linking up at Crafty Tuesday.

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