Monday, 25 February 2013

Moving , where

That is the easy part for Snoopy and I.
What Hannah and I do not know is where we are moving to .
One thing I do know is that the last weekend before we move I am having a key return party.
This idea came about whilst saying to a friend " Oh just let yourself in"
At that point Becky said " How many people have keys to this house"
At that point  came up with party idea.
The next part of our home provision is selling this one .
The exciting part tho is
Finding our new home.
We do have a few needs
obviously Minimum 2 bedrooms 3 would be brilliant.
A kitchen dinner plus lounge  would be brilliant plus an ensuite .
It would be excellent if there were 2 good size bedrooms plus a third if possible.
A bungalow with dorma would be good as Hannah could have upstairs bedroom and me live downstairs .
A small garden is essential as allowing the following :
So as you can see we do not have an exhaustive list of needs.
Now if money was no option.
My own self contained area would be ace
Or something like this could work for us.
But to be honest
would be very happy to have this at the botom of the garden
Obviously kitted out 
with lighting and Heating
ok back to reality
see you soon .


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